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Apple sneaks out the Support App in the App Store

Apple has always offered support for devices in its many reseller sites, which is one of the ways that has received iPhone in so many hands early. Now it might be looking for a slightly more hands-off approach. The company has set out a support app in the App Store on the election day. So hello, maybe you can try to solve the problem yourself before interfering with a genius in real life?

The app contains help products and tips for your device. I guess in the hope that people do not get into an Apple Store every time something goes wrong. It's not just for your iDevice either. All Apple hardware registered in your account is available and eligible for support.


Help articles are just the first step. The app also has a live chat feature, so you can get 1-to-1 help from an Apple representative. It's probably good enough to figure out many software issues, and it's still cheaper for Apple than support in the store. If the changer option fails, it is possible to schedule a phone call l with a support rope. And yes, if you do not want to use the app's built-in support services, you can schedule an appointment at the nearest Apple Store. The app is currently only available in English, but it has appeared in some App Store directories around the world.

I will be looking for this app to be a preloaded in a future version of iOS. Hopefully you have the ability to remove it, though.

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