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Apple ‘Time Flies’ event: what to expect with the Apple Watch Series 6, a redesigned iPad Air and more

Apple’s first big autumn event takes place on Tuesday 15 September, but it can be much different than previous September events.

Let’s turn to the elephant in the room in front: it does not look like new iPhones are coming. Apple’s September events usually mark the arrival of Apple’s latest and greatest smartphones, but you should not expect to see them on Tuesday, according to The Vergeeditor-in-chief Nilay Patel and other well-connected journalists. And Apple has already said that the new iPhones will not be sold during the usual time frame for the end of September.

This does not mean that there are no interesting things to look forward to, since the Apple rumor mill has been as active as ever. The event̵

7;s “Time Flies” moniker suggests that we at least see Apple Watches. And due to restrictions due to COVID-19, it looks like Tuesday’s event will be another smoothly produced video presentation, similar to what Apple put together for the June worldwide developer conference.

Read on to learn more about what we expect during the show.

Apple Watch Series 6 and a new low-end Apple Watch

There are not many rumors about the next flagship Apple Watch, but in addition to the “Time Flies” moniker, we do has another strong hint that a new Apple Watch may debut. Developer Guilherme Rambo discovered that the metadata for the YouTube page for the event contained the phrase “Series 6”, which seems to suggest that we can expect to see a sequel to the Apple Watch Series 5.

As for what the so-called Series 6 Watch can actually bring to your wrist, references to blood oxygen monitoring were found in code snippets of an early version of iOS 14, obtained by 9to5Mac, so it can be the banner function. And we already know that watchOS 7 will have natural sleep tracking, more customizations to watchfaces and a rebranded Activity app called “Fitness”. But Apple has not committed to a release date beyond “this fall.” Maybe that firmware update will be available on the latest Apple Watch when it launches.

Bloomberg has confirmed that a follow-up to the Series 5 is underway, but it also reported that Apple may release a new lower Apple Watch to replace the $ 199 Series 3. It is unclear how the device may differ from the rumored Series 6 or what it may called. (Maybe Apple Watch SE?)

A redesigned iPad Air with iPad Pro-like frames

The iPad Air could get a redesign with an edge-to-edge screen like the iPad pros, reports Bloomberg. It would be a significant design change from the current Air, which currently has thick top and bottom frames, and a Touch ID button.

To get an idea of ​​what the new iPad Air might look like, a rumor guide for the device may have leaked on social media, revealing the new design and features that may come with the new device.

The apparent manual says that the Touch ID has moved to the power button on the top of the iPad Air. If true, the new tablet would be the iPad with biometrics built into the power button.

It appears that the iPad Air could use the iPad Pro’s gesture-based navigation system, as shown in the diagrams in the manual. The manual also shows a Smart Connector on the back of the iPad Air, like the one on an iPad Pro, so it may be able to connect to accessories designed for the 11-inch iPad Pro.

The current generation iPad Air starts at $ 499, but it is unclear whether Apple plans to keep the iPad Air at the same price.

The possible release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Apple usually launches its latest version of iOS with iPhones in September, but since we do not expect new phones at Tuesday’s event, it is difficult to predict exactly what Apple’s plans are to launch iOS 14. The update is set to bring a new home widget screen, redesigned Siri interface, system-wide picture-in-picture, the ability to set default email and browser apps and more. iPadOS 14 will get some of these updates, as well as improved handwriting recognition and rebuilt search. The rumored arrival of the new iPad Air could means that Apple announces the launch of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for everyone, but we have to wait and see.

We could see new hardware and new subscription bundles

Apple is not only rumored to be working on new iPhones, Apple Watches and iPads. It’s apparently a smaller and less expensive HomePod along with new over-earphones in the tube for this fall, according to Bloomberg. Maybe they show up at the event. Apple is also working with a competitor to Tile’s location tracking codes called AirTags, Bloomberg reported. Actual, Nikkei says they may already be in production, which may indicate an impending release.

And the strings for an “Apple One” package have appeared in code for an Apple Music app for Android, according to 9to5Google, suggesting that Apple may be close to launching its rumored range of subscription bundles, detailed by Bloomberg in August.

If you’re looking forward to updates on Apple’s plans for an ARM-based Mac or further details on macOS Big Sur, you may have to keep waiting. Rumors point to Apple sharing something about the Mac on Tuesday.

We just do not know what Apple plans to release before the event itself, which starts at 13:00 ET on Tuesday 15 September. We cover it all here The Verge.

Correction September 13 13:57 ET: The article mistakenly originally stated that the iPad Air would be the first Apple device with biometrics on the power button, instead of the first iOS / iPadOS. The power button on some MacBooks has had TouchID for some time. The Verge regret the error.

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