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Apple TV 4k and Netflix. Terribly. Just terrible. : appletv

I just have Apple TV 4k 32GB, and I find it very disappointing. In fact, it goes back to Target next chance I get. First, Apple's good idea of ​​doing everything HDR can work well on paper, but most of the titles on Netflix and Amazon Prime are not HDR and they look terrible in HDR, at least the conversion Apple TV does, like in Basically, black gamma raises to the point where there are no blacks, and you can see compression artifacts much more than when they are played in SDR because they were encoded in SDR, they were not meant to be played in fake HDR. Granted, Netflix is ​​partly guilty of this because their HD codes are all about quality, some are over 7 Mbps and look decent, some are rubbish of barely over 1 Mbps (including some of their own titles that are confusing ) and everything in between. The titles encoded for 1

or 2 Mbps can not be packaged in either SDR or HDR, but are more tolerable in SDR.

Of course, you have the ability to match dynamic range, but it will cause the TV to turn black in seconds while switching between GUI and playback and again when switching back to GUI. It will be old very fast, especially when you search for a particular episode of a series that you do not remember very well.

But what is seriously pathetic and shows the lack of quality control both Netflix and Apple have is Dolby Atmos glitch. This is more Netflix error, but Apple will also test these things and tell Netflix to fix it or can and it does not. What I'm talking about is that when you play a Dolby Atmos title and then stop it, ATV continues to send a Atmos signal to the receiver. After that if you choose to play any other title that is not Atmos but 5.1 (which is about 99% of them), the receiver receives an Atmos signal, but in this case Atmos is just a wrapper like the actual sound is stereo, not even 5.1 Dolby Digital to be. The only sound comes out of the front speakers, nothing comes from the rear surround, middle or atmospheric speakers.

You may want to test this yourself, it happens every time. If you have your ATV connected to your receiver, play something like Lost in Space or Altered Carbon. Then press the Menu button to get out of it, find another title that is pure 5.1 and play it. Use what method your receiver gives you to display the incoming sound signal and you'll see it's Atmos. Generally, it should be Multichannel PCM 5.1 since Apple believes that they are doing everything better than anyone else and decided that instead of passing the bitstream to the recipient they must decode it and send it together as PCM.

The only way to go back to playing audio in actual 5.1 for non-athletes is to manually quit Netflix with double click on the TV button and swipe up. Unless you do it or restart, Dolby Atmos will stick to another title you play on Netflix. Imagine every time you play a Dolby Atmos title, you must force out of the Netflix app to play a non-Dolby Atmos title. It will be old very fast.

But if the two issues I mentioned above are not enough to deter you from buying an ATV 4k, Netflix crashes on this thing all the time. I bought Apple TV on Friday, today it is Tuesday night. While doing a simple search while playing a title (by pressing the left or right edge of the remote control control) or just trying to play a title, I received the -11800 error about 40 times, and that's because I have port I have not used it as much as my other streaming devices, which includes a Sony 4k Blu-ray player, a Roku Premiere + and some more. I've seen Netflix crashes on these other devices at some point, but once in several weeks at worst, no more times a day when I try to go back 30 seconds for something I'm looking at, or searching for a particular scene as is the case with this ATV 4K.

I do not know if Netflix really dropped the ball with this device, but something tells me that ATV 4K is not a very stable device, or at least not tvOS. Granted, the Netflix interface sucks in a hundred different ways, but it's not very unstable with any other device I've used it on. Regardless of that, it is useless in Apple TV 4K.

This is another example of what's happening in technology all the time, businesses do not test things right. This is not one of these hard-to-reproduce errors, this happens every time I described, and only happens on the Netflix app, not on the Apple Movies app (for the movies that are Atmos) or in Amazon Prime, which both tested more than once. It has also never happened to any of my 4k Blu-ray players when I play Atmos 4k Blu-ray.

I'm not going to be Netflix and Apple's beta tests and pay almost $ 200 for that. This thing goes back to the store as soon as I get a chance.

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