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Apple TV Apps: How to find and download new apps from the App Store

You've got your Apple TV and you're ready to play some games or watch some TV. If you have a third generation Apple TV or older, you are limited to pre-installed apps. If you have Apple TV 4K or the fourth generation Apple TV, you have access to the App Store and can download from a selection of thousands of free or paid apps. Whether you're looking for fitness, sports, games, recipes or even shopping programs, let's start learning how to find and download apps to get the most out of Apple TV.

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Apple TV App Store

To navigate to the App Store on the Apple TV, click the Menu button on the Apple TV remote control to go to the home screen if you are not already there. Scroll down until you see the App Store icon; click on it.

  apple app store

How to download apps on Apple TV

Once you open the App Store, you have some different options for finding an app you want to download. You will see a menu bar at the top of the screen; If you know exactly what you want, click Search.

  go to app store

From here you can use the trackpad on the Apple TV remote to scroll left and right, press letters to spell out the app you're looking for. When the app appears in the options, click it. You can also choose to enter text using your iPhone keyboard.

  app great app

Now you will see an app description and price; If you decide you want to download the app, click Buy if the app is free, click Get. You may be asked to enter your password to complete this process.

  apple tv app store

You can find your apps, including recent purchases and updates, by clicking the Purchased tab on the top of the App Store app. My Tetris app will be in newer purchases.

  how to download apps on apple tv

Explore new apps on the Apple TV App Store

If you don't have a specific app in mind and want to explore your options, click the Categories tab in the App Store menu.

  How to add apps to Apple TV

Now you can review games, cooking apps, kids apps and more. You can also click the Featured or Top Artists tab to see the most innovative and popular apps available to Apple TV at any given time.

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