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Apple TV has a 2% market share in streaming video platforms

The global population of TV and video streaming devices has now exceeded 1.1 billion, with Apple TV / tvOS owning 2%, according to the latest market share analysis from Strategy Analytics’ TV Streaming Platforms service.

The research, which tracks quarterly distribution of TV and video streaming devices in 27 major countries, shows that Samsung is the leading brand, with 14% of the devices in use, followed by Sony (12%), LG (8%), Hisense (5% ), TCL (5%) and Amazon (5%). The analysis also shows that the Tizen platform is the leading player in TV streaming, accounting for 11% of distributed devices, followed by WebOS (7%), PlayStation (7%), Roku OS (5%), Fire OS (5 %)), Android TV (4%) and Xbox (4%). Apple̵

7;s tvOS, which operates Apple TVs, has 2% of the global streaming market.

Strategy analysis: Apple TV has a 2% market share in streaming video platforms

Video streaming is increasingly seen on TV screens instead of mobile devices, especially during the pandemic, and TV streaming platforms will become a dominant force in video streaming in many countries as the demand for traditional pay-TV, broadcast and home video platforms decreases .

David Watkins, Director of Strategy Analytics, said in a statement: “Over-the-top TV and video streaming to TV is a complex and evolving landscape compared to mobile devices, where only two platforms dominate. Content owners and developers need to carefully consider how they can target resources and strategies to specific brands and platforms, as geographic distribution patterns vary enormously. Frequently updated, tactical tracking of platform placements is a valuable tool for ensuring that services reach their highest potential audience. “

David Mercer, VP, Media and Intelligent Home, said in a statement: “As traditional TV and video platforms continue to decline, TV streaming represents the future of TV and video. Over the next decade, we anticipate that Internet streaming will dominate the consumption of TV and video content across large parts of the world. This study reflects the early stages of development of the platforms that will dominate this ecosystem for many years to come. “

MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV / tvOS ‘market share does not matter much, as the core of the problem is not how Apple’s TV app is delivered, only that it is delivered as widely as possible. The Apple TV app is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV along with a wide range of devices including Samsung TVs, Roku devices, Amazon Fire TVs, LG TVs and via AirPlay 2 on LG , Samsung, Sony and Vizio TV – with more coming soon. Full list of Apple TV app compatible devices here.

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