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Apple TV + joins ACE, the entertainment industry’s piracy group

Reported by Variety, Apple TV + joins the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, an entertainment industry group that protects against piracy. It is a move that helps strengthen Apple’s position in the industry. According to the report, Apple will be on the board of the group, along with Amazon and the Motion Picture Association.

ACE was founded in 2017 by MPA and 30 entertainment companies. At that time, it represented a new partnership between the older studios and the streaming services. Netflix then joined the Motion Picture Association in 2019, cementing the partnership.

Charles Rivkin, chairman of the board of MPA and ACE, says that the board of which Apple TV + will now be a part, sets the group̵

7;s strategy for how to combat piracy in the market.

“We are the foremost force against piracy,” said Charles Rivkin, Chairman of the Board of MPA and ACE, in an interview. “The board is the one who decides the strategy and where the budget is to be used.”

ACE specifically examines piracy services and hardware that provide access to pirated content. The group has filed lawsuits that have succeeded in shutting down services and hardware companies that help piracy.

“It’s an ongoing battle, but I’m very proud of the way ACE has come out and protected content creators,” Rivkin said. “When you close these illegal sites … what happens is that it drives traffic to legitimate sites.”

According to the group, over 23 million users currently subscribe to a pirated entertainment service.

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