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APPLE TV OS Downgrade error: appletv

Hi all!

I was foolishly updating to TVOS 14 Beta, and after a few days of use, the sound on my Apple TV was suddenly muted. I tried EVERYTHING to reset, restart, the only thing that worked remotely was to connect the AirPods Pro to my TV. But which psychopath uses AirPods Pro on an Apple TV? Anyway, my last resort was to download TVOS 13.4.8 and downgrade from the beta software to this operating system (13.4.8). I took the charger from the MacBook Pro (2019 model) and connected it to my Apple TV, then I tried to restore Apple TV to which I then get this message:

“Apple TV” Apple TV “could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (3002).”


Then it redirects me to:


Which basically tells me to do exactly the same thing I did before I got the (3002) error message. I theorize that I tried to transfer data with the USB-C cable from the MacBook Pro, which tells me that the cable does not support data transfer and only charges my device. Am I doing anything? Or should I keep trying? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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