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Apple TV Plus extends free trial periods to February 2021

Apple is extending the Apple TV Plus subscriber’s free period to February 2021, Apple confirmed to The Verge. TechCrunch first reported the story.

The free trial period that came with the purchase of a new Apple product last year was to expire for many customers on November 1 – the one-year anniversary of Apple TV Plus’ launch. Instead, Apple is now expanding it to the end of January 2021. TechCrunch also reports that if customers “signed up for annual subscriptions without a new device purchase during the same date period, they will also receive free through February 2021

.” People who sign up for a new subscription before November 2020 will “receive $ 4.99 credit per month” until February, the website adds.

That’s a smart move for Apple. The streamer started with a rocky launch, with Bloomberg reported that by TV 2020, Apple TV Plus had gathered more than 10 million subscribers, but only about half of these subscribers actually used the service. It is also unclear how many paid subscribers and how many used the service as part of the free plan. In comparison, Disney Plus reached 10 million subscribers in the first 24 hours after launch.

Since then, however, Apple has added a number of shows and movies to the service that have garnered critical acclaim. One of Apple TV Plus’ latest series, Ted Lasso, for example, received mostly positive reviews. The show has reportedly already been renewed for a second season. The announcement also comes as Apple confirmed a release date for Dickinsonits second season: January 8th.

While people continue to be stuck at home due to the pandemic, and when looking for some form of new entertainment, streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock and Apple TV Plus are all getting more attention. Offering a longer free trial period can encourage more people to sign up for and actually use the service.

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