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Apple unveiled Apple Watch Series 6 with blood oxygen monitoring and redesigned iPad Air at ‘Time Flies’ event

Last week, Apple announced its “Time Flies” event for Tuesday, September 15th. While initial expectations focused on new iPhones, it is now assumed that the event will be about the Apple Watch and iPad.

To that end, Bloomberg have a new report this morning that describes what we will see tomorrow. In most cases, it repeats rumors we have heard before. Not that it’s a bad thing. Because according to Mark Gurman, who has a solid track record with this type of thing, both the Apple Watch and the iPad Air get welcome changes.

Gurman says that Apple will actually unveil the Apple Watch Series 6 and a new iPad Air on September 15. He also reiterates that we should not expect to see any iPhones at this event. Apple has already confirmed a delay for the next smartphone lineup, and the unveiling is now expected in October.

As for what’s new, Gurman says the Apple Watch Series 6 will bring blood oxygen (spO2) monitoring to the smartwatch series. The units still come in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. The overall design of the Series 6 is believed to be like the Series 5, so we should not see any major changes there.

Meanwhile, Gurman also confirms that Apple will announce a cheaper Apple Watch at the event as well. Recent rumors suggest that the device will boast a Series 4 design.

Next time, the new iPad Air. Gurman says that the new tablet will have a screen design, similar to the iPad Pro. So the frames are minimized around the entire screen and there will not be a physical Home button anymore. This is in line with previous rumors suggesting that the new iPad Air will have Touch ID in the on / off button on the side. However, the new tablet will help keep costs down by not having the latest A-Series processor or ProMotion monitor.

That’s not all, though. Gurman says Apple will unveil the first Macs with Apple Silicon under the hood in November. A smaller HomePod is still under construction, and both AirPods Studio and AirTag’s tracking devices are expected to arrive before the end of 2020.

So much to look forward to at this upcoming September event. And if these rumors go out, we have announcements in October and November to look forward to as well.

Are you planning to upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 6?

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