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Apple unveils iPhone 5c Vintage on October 31st

Apple is stocking the beloved iPhone 5c vintage on October 31, according to one MacRumors report. However, it does have some company – the mid-2014 15-inch MacBook Pro will also be added to the growing list of products classified as vintage or outdated.

The iPhone 5c in particular was a popular device thanks to its vibrant colors and mid-level pricing.

The 16 GB model was sold for $ 99 together with a two-year contract in, for example, the USA.

Previously, old Apple products were no longer eligible for repairs at the Genius Bar or at authorized Apple service providers, but Apple began offering extended repairs of select vintage products in 2018. Both the iPhone 5c and Mid 2014 model 15-inch MacBook Pro will remain eligible for indefinite service, subject to the availability of parts.

While it’s always sad to see one of Apple’s most iconic devices added to these lists, it’s unlikely that anyone’s using an iPhone 5c at this point. In mid-2014, the 15-inch MacBook Pro may be another matter. With Apple launching the recent iPhone SE and the upcoming iPhone 12, there are, after all, few reasons to hang on to a mid-range iPhone from 2013.

Speaking of the iPhone 12, Apple has confirmed that they will be holding an online special event on September 13th. It will definitely be the arrival of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro handsets we have heard so much about.

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