"Over the last 24 hours, we've seen a handful of reports talking about a new update to the Siri speaking voice on HomePod in a few regions," reports Mitchel Broussard for MacRumors.

"These reports are mainly located in the UK and Australia, mentioning British (male and female) and Australian (male and female) speaking voices for the assistant, especially on Apple's HomePods smart speaker," reports Broussard. "MacRumor's readers described Australian female and British male voices as" more natural "and" much clearer ", and similar reports have emerged about other voices. Although there are many different descriptions for each voice, consensus seems to be that tweaks make Siri sound more human. "" HomePod users can choose any Siri voice regardless of the region they are in, but as of now, the vast majority of these reports seem to be in the same region as the voice they represent, "reports Broussard. "This may be the beginning of a broader rollout, but it is still unclear at this point."

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MacDailyNews Take: Aussie female Siri sounds pretty much more natural:

To change Siri vote on HomePod:

1. Start the Home app on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
2. Long press or 3D touch on the HomePod icon
3. Press Settings
4. Scroll down to Siri and select Siri Voice
5. Press Siri Voice to select the desired accent and gender