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Apple VPs will include the same brain podcast to talk iPad Air, Touch ID and more

Same Brain Podcast Ternus BorchersSource: Same Brain Podcast

John Ternus, Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering, and Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, sat down with Justine and Jenna Ezarik on the same brain podcast to talk about the new iPad Air and the company’s entire iPad series.

The first part of the interview focused on the new iPad Air, which Apple announced at its “Time Flies” event in September along with the 8th generation iPad, Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. The second part of the interview showed how Apple views the entire iPad series and how each model plays its own role.

As for the 8th generation iPad, Ternus says that it is the iPad for everyone and a great way for those who just want to get on the iPad to do so.

“I think, especially someone who is new to the iPad and wants to get into that experience and will, again, just have this incredible value in terms of capacity and functionality. It’s perfect for doing all the things the original iPad , you know, did and that we said, it’s the space between laptop and phone.It’s perfect for reading, or you know, being online, email, that kind of thing, but of course we have also included others technology for that. So I think with the pencil and the smart keyboard you have so much flexibility in that device. “

IPad Air, according to Ternus, is the iPad you go up to if you want the newer form factor, higher performance and an exciting new range of colors. The new iPad Air also works with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard for iPad.

“Going up to iPad Air again, it’s about bringing some of these Pro technologies down, and I think there, you get to take advantage of the bigger screen, the greater the performance. Maybe if you’re a user who pushes in more in higher performance stuff whether it is, you know, you want to push harder on games or you want to be, you know, do video editing or other things and utilize the more powerful processor, there’s just a great option there, and of course the colors. “

Ternus specifically called the 12.9-inch iPad Pro the ultimate iPad experience, with its larger screen for creative professionals and anyone who benefits from the extra screen space. According to Ternus, the iPad Pro pushes the boundaries of what is possible with the iPad.

“I think the pros, you know, really take it to the next level. What do you want to do? How do you push things forward? It’s amazing how powerful these devices are, and some of the uses, whether it’s photo editing or video editing. or, you know, the AR stuff we talked about, you know, someone who really wants to push further into AR, it’s just an incredible platform for that … Especially 12.9, I mean, it’s just kind of the ultimate, you know, experience with the big screen, and you know, I think it’s been huge for creative pros and artists and anyone who wants the extra space. “

Ternus even took a second to show some love for the iPad mini, calling it a “Moleskine replacement”, and bringing the Apple Pencil to it was a big upgrade for the device.

“Mini is a bit off the side, as I think people who want mini know they want mini. It’s this incredible form factor. It’s also super versatile in all sorts of different ways. I think bringing the pencil to it was a big upgrade when it comes to the perfect perfect type of Moleskine replacement, you know, listing machine. “

Borchers summed things up by focusing on how the iPad really is a family of products that serve the needs of a particular user, while the accessories support and extend the capabilities of the entire series.

“We have this range of screen sizes and processor features and camera quality and price points, all of these areas to choose from. But we should also not lose sight of the fact that you can use Apple Pencil across the board. You We have iPadOS 14 with all the great features. It’s very common, you know, there’s a common ground for excellence across the board, and then you just have to choose which form factor you want to take in. “

Check out the full interview below:

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