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Apple Watch app Cardiogram will discover the most exciting WWDC announcement via heart rate

This year's Worldwide Developers Conference will start on Monday, June 3. And we know that Apple, as usual, will host its keynote speech to announce a host of new changes and additions to the major platforms. A company wants to find out which of these announcements are the most exciting for the viewers.

The Korthiogram Apple Watch app wants to use its app to measure the heart rate of those looking at the main speech of this year's WWDC (via Appleinsider ). The goal? To find out which of the events at the event is getting the most from the viewers, and ultimately determining which of the announcements was most exciting.

To get it going, the cardiogram will allow users to start recording the heart rate as soon as possible Keynote kicks off. The data collected is minute by minute, and will allow cardiogram to compile this data and see how everything stacks up when the keynote comes to an end. It will be a live heart rate chart during the event, showing the current overall heart rate of viewers as the announcements continue.

If everything goes out, the theory goes that the heart rates will be higher just after a big announcement. Looking at the data, Cardiogram hopes that it can definitely say which announcement was most exciting. Based on those who started tracking the heart rate, anyway.

The result will be quite interesting to see, especially considering how much Apple will announce at this year's event. iOS 13, watchOS 6, tvOS 13 and macOS 10.15 are all expected to receive new additions. And we can't forget the expected modular Mac Pro as well.

If you don't already have the Cardiogram app but want to install it only for science (and WWDC), there's a free install from the App Store. [19659002] What do you look forward to most at this year's WWDC?

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