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Apple Watch & Crutches? : Apple watch

I am a prolonged user of crutches (spinal cord injury). I started thinking about getting an Apple Watch most to use Apple Pay – using Apple Pay on the iPhone is already so much easier than life without it! Not even having to get out of the phone sounds like a miracle. Plus I'm not going to lie, I'm excited about the fallout discovery since I live alone.

But I wonder some of the health and fitness aspects of the clock. I know it works for wheelchair users (thank you Apple, it's super cool!), But I haven't been able to find anything about crutches. Does that step accurately record? Can I adjust how much / how often does it tell me to go? (I will never go as much as a non-disabled user.) And a long shot, but does anyone know if it records weird physical therapy activities like walking in the water (I swim, but it's always interspersed with pool walking)? I like the idea of ​​setting up some training goals, but I will not be discouraged by unrealistic expectations.

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