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Apple Watch Edition, Series 3, white ceramic: AppleWatch

So I just bought the Apple Watch Edition, Series 3, White Ceramic on eBay a few nights ago, and it’s scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. (I made sure to order from a seller who is insured, backed by EBay, with many positive reviews, so I will not be fooled). I paid 549.99 + tax, a total of 593.99. I have 30 days to get a refund, no questions asked. But I wanted to ask you if it was a good price or a reasonable price. It is in excellent condition judging by the pictures and given the sellers reputation, I feel pretty good that they are actual honest pictures. I have a Series 4 stainless gold I plan to keep, but I have always had an itch on the white pottery, but refuse to drop $ 1000 on the new one. Even when updates are no longer supported, it will still be nice for all the basics of an Apple Watch and fun to turn on. (I still do it with Series 0 SB stainless when the other one is charging. So, do you think it̵

7;s a good price to consider all this information?

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