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Apple Watch, iPad Air, iOS 14: What Apple Can Release September 15th

If there is one thing we can trust, it is that Apple will release new iPhones at an event in September. But if you expect to see the iPhone 12 during Apple’s “Time Flies” event on September 15, you may be disappointed.

New iPhones are still coming this fall, but they will probably not arrive until October due to production problems caused by the pandemic. According to Bloombberg’s Mark Gurman, the annual iPhone event will take place in October this year since the phones are not ready to be sent yet. So if new iPhones do not come to the annual iPhone event, what will Apple announce next week?

Apple Watch Series 6

If I were a gambler, I would put everything on the Apple Watch. Even without the slogan “Time Flies”

;, the Apple Watch is guaranteed to land on Apple’s September 15 event, even if iPhones do not. Apple Watch has shared the September scene with the iPhone since its launch in 2015, and rumors have swirled that a new model is imminent, with a blood oxygen sensor, sleep tracking and all the new watchOS 7 features, including clock face sharing and detection of hand washing. The new watch will probably be extremely similar to the Series 5 design, with sizes 40 mm and 44 mm.

Why it may come now: The Apple Watch is large enough to control its own event, and without the iPhone being able to dock things, it’s basically a shoo-in. Plus, you know the “Time Flies” are pretty obvious.

apple event fall 2020 apple

The slogan for Apple’s fall event is “Time Flies”, which could not be more telling.

Apple Watch ‘Lite’

A recent rumor reported by Bloomberg says that Apple plans to launch a new Apple Watch to replace the current $ 199 Series 3 model. It is unclear what the new model will look like, but it will probably have the older 38 mm and 42 mm design, but possibly with an updated screen and processor. The report says the new watch will “compete with affordable exercise equipment”, such as the upcoming $ 230 Fitbit Versa 3.

Why it may come now: If there is a new Apple Watch flagship, this rumored cheaper model will logically debut. Without series 4 sliding down the lower end and series 3 looking a bit long in the tooth, a new cheap model makes a lot of sense.

iPad Air

Apple’s iPad Air has not been updated since March 2019, but recent rumors suggest that a major change is on the way. Bloomberg reports that the new iPad Air will follow the design that was introduced with the iPad Pro back in 2018, with thin frames, no home button and USB-C. It will also introduce Apple’s first fingerprint sensor built into the power button, and reserve the Face ID for the Pro models.

Why it may come now: The iPad does not usually come with the Apple Watch, but this year it is different. With the Mac event dedicated to the Apple Silicon Transition, an iPad Air launch with the Apple Watch and other consumer products seems very likely.

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