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Apple Watch SE vs Apple Watch Series 6: Missing and Common Features

The expectations were huge with the event. The entire web was flooded with predictions based on the launch of Apple Watches, iPad Air and iPhone 12. The biggest investment had been on Apple’s flagship phone, the iPhone 12. Speculation about the features and technical aspects made the rounds. Bloggers and analysts left no stone unturned to represent Apple’s planning. Things changed, however, shortly after the clock struck 10:00 PT.

The dawn of 15th September ended all speculation, and Tim finally took the curtains of the new generation of Apple Watches; Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. While the former comes adorned with some notable features, the Special Edition is nowhere behind.

However, the noticeable price gap between the two undoubtedly raises the question ̵

1; What is the difference between the Apple Watch 6 and the Apple Watch SE?

Comparison between Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

‘It already makes’ this is exactly the vision ‘Big Boys’ at Apple had when they designed the new watches. The two bells have been buzzing for quite some time. However, the exact information rolled out during the ‘Time Flies’ event, and the details are really exciting. Both versions are similar, with small differences and much in common between them.

What do they have in common?

What is the first thing you notice when you look at a product? Is that the look? If the answer is yes, you can be happy to know that both versions come with the same screen size and resolution. The newly introduced solo loop bands, including soft silicone and braided yarn, will remain with both versions.

Speaking of specs and features, both versions will come with features like fall detection, emergency calls to SoS, noise monitoring, optical heart sensors, heart rate alerts, etc. Recognizing that both versions fit with iOS 14, the newly introduced features with the new iOS will remain standard .

Whats missing

Being a technically savvy one, a significant difference I noticed between the two watches is the processor they use. While the 6 Series comes with the S6 dual-core processor, the SE version has a Series 5 processor. However, from a user’s perspective, three key features will not be in the later version, including the ECG app, the Blood Oxygen app, and the ever-running Retina display. Not only this, the 6-hour screen gets a little brighter to make it easier for you to check alerts and specifications even on bright days.

The new red and blue covers are only available for the Series 6 version.

Comparison table

Apple Watch 6 Apple Watch SE
Processor S6 with 64-bit Dual Core S5 with 64-bit Dual Core
OS version watchOS 7 watchOS 7
Connection Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0 Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0
Wireless chip W3 W3
Decision 44mm: 368 * 448
40mm: 324 * 394
44mm: 368 * 448
40mm: 324 * 394
Battery life Up to 18 hours Up to 18 hours
Heart sensor Second generation, optical heart sensor Optical heart sensor
Family setup support
Noise monitoring
Fall Detection
Blood Oxygen app
SOS for emergencies
Irregular heart warnings
Always on Retina display

Real-time altimeter

Which Apple Satch should you buy: Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch 6?

When we look closely at both versions, there is not much difference, and the Series 6 and SE models are relatively the same. If you are already a Series 5 user and confused whether you want to upgrade to 2020 technology or not, make no mistake. Despite the fact that the inclusion of oxygen levels in the blood is inspired by the need that was raised during the Covid era, not many people can see this series 6 model.

However, other inclusions such as the powerful S6 processor, which makes the Series 6 twice as fast as the Series 5, and the exciting new single loop bands, can provide a good reason to lure you towards the Series 6 watch.

Also, if you own an Apple Watch Series 3 or 4, it may be a wise choice to purchase this considering the features and future compatibility of different apps. Yes, you read that right. If we look at the direction Apple is moving in, the future has a lot in the box. Taking a leap to Series 6 from 3 or 4 would undoubtedly be a wise decision.

If we look at the health perspective and the price, the watch undoubtedly has many potentials to get a new part of the audience. If you are a first-time taker, this may undoubtedly be your preference.

When we talk about the SE version, there are only a handful of features where it is missing. However, with this small difference and pocket-friendly price, the Watch SE will undoubtedly be a groundbreaking presence. If you are planning to have a watch for your kids, or if you have not yet purchased due to budget issues, this may be the right purchase.

Now that you are familiar and can make a decision. Here’s how much they will cost you;

Price of Apple Watch Series 6: From $ 399

Price of Apple Watch SE: From $ 279

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