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Apple Watch Security: AppleWatch

Hey guys,

I have the Series 3 Apple Watch, and I'm not so familiar with Apple products as I used to be a long Android user. I have a question of how safe this time should be. I have a pin on it, but my girlfriend was "button mashing" and somehow wiped the memory and reset it. I was surprised .. I had to re-pair it with my phone. I thought Apple products stopped people from being able to wipe the memory without a PIN? How could she do this? She was also not sure.

I'm a little worried now that in the future if I ever dislike my clock, someone can just reset it and use it since you apparently do not need a PIN to connect look at another phone again. Could I even use Spor my iphone at a time if someone did just that?

Seems very uncertain .. so the PIN code at my sole purpose is to block people from accessing the content inside but not blocking people from taking the clock myself? I found it bizarre since I heard this should not be possible now.

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