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Apple Watch Series 3 vs SE vs Series 6: Which model is right for your wrist?

For the first time since its launch in 2016, there are three Apple Watch models to choose from, all of which look very similar at first glance. But on closer inspection, you will find that there are very different differences between them that go much deeper than the price differences. This is how they stack up.

Update 9/18: Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE are now available for purchase on Apple.com and wherever Apple Watches are sold.

Apple Watch Series 3 vs SE vs Series 6: Design and display

Apple has not come very far from its original square design during the seven generations of the Apple Watch, so there is not much difference between the three watches. Apple has not shared the exact dimensions of the Series 6 and SE yet, but they will probably be a little bigger and thinner than the Series 3, just like the Series 5:

  • Series 3: 38.6 x 33.3 mm x 1
    1.4 mm
  • Series 5: 40 x 34 x 10.74 mm

But your wrist will not notice the difference. Apple has the best and most recognizable watch design in the smartwatch industry, so some of the three will look and feel good on your wrist.

Where they are different, however, is with the screen. The Series 3 has Apple’s older screen, so it is smaller (38mm model: 563 sqm; 42mm model: 740 sqm) and has square corners. SE and Series 6 have larger screens (40 mm model: 759 sqm; 44 mm model: 977 sqm) with rounded corners that fit the screen housing.

apple watch see faces apple

Apple Watch SE has the same screen as the Apple Watch Series 6.

While the SE and Series 6 have identical display specifications, only the Series 6 is always on, so you can see the time even when the wrist is lowered. Apple also says that it is always 2.5 times brighter on the screen than last year’s model, which will definitely help in bright light.

Our choice: While the sizes and designs are very similar, the screens make all the difference with the Series 6 and SE. And we always liked the Series 5 on screen.

Apple Watch Series 3 vs SE vs Series 6: Colors and Materials

While all three watches are available in silver and space gray aluminum as always, you have significantly more options as you go up the line. Apple Watch SE gives a gold color, while Series 6 has new blue and product colors (red).

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