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Apple Watch stuck to the Apple logo? Here’s how to fix it

The Apple Watch may be stuck on the boot logo due to various reasons. Fortunately, if there is a software problem, we have real solutions that will solve this problem. When the watch is not frozen, you can continue to use it normally. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what you can do if your The Apple Watch is attached to the Apple logo.

  1. Force Restart the clock
  2. Use Find My Apple Watch to unlock it
  3. Disconnect the Apple Watch and pair it again
  4. Update to the latest watchOS
  5. Reset Apple Watch at the factory

1. Force the clock again

Force Restart is one step ahead of normal switching on and off the clock.

Since your watch is stuck on the Apple logo, you will need to restart it to press the side button and Digital Crown together. When you see the Apple logo again on the screen, leave the buttons blank. Allow the clock up to one and a half minutes to turn it on normally.

Force Restart Apple Watch

Use Find My Apple Watch to unlock it

Sometimes this little trick of using the Find My feature can unlock the fixed Apple logo on the watch screen. Here’s how to do it.

  1. To open See app on the paired iPhone and press My watch.
  2. Press All watches from top left.
  3. Press “INext to your watch name.
  4. Press Find the Apple Watch. Find My App opens automatically. Log in if necessary.tap all clocks in the clock tab, tap in and then tap find my apple clock in the clock app on iPhone
  5. Select Apple Watch from the list of devices, if necessary. Press Play sound. This will exit the clock from the “stuck to Apple logo” screen. If it does not, try playing the sound a few more times.tap game audio to find Apple Watch to unlock it on iPhone

3. Disconnect the Apple Watch and pair it again

When the watch is out of fixed mode, it’s okay to disconnect it and then pair it again. This can help prevent similar problems in the near future. We have a separate post that shows you how to connect and pair the Apple Watch.

4. Update to the latest watchOS

With each software update, Apple tries to fix the existing issues and also introduce new features. If you are facing repeated issues with Apple Watch, make sure you are running the latest watchOS. You can update directly from the watch or follow the steps below.

  1. To open See app on iPhone and press My watch.
  2. Press the generalSoftware update.open the Clock app, tap General in My Clock tab, and then tap Software Update on iPhone

5. Reset the Apple Watch at the factory

This is a big step, but solves several problems. When you reset the Apple Watch at the factory, it will be new. All apps, music, photos, settings are deleted and set to default. How to do this.

  1. Press Digital Crown and press Settings app and press General.tap settings and then tap general on Apple Watch
  2. Now, press ResetDelete all content and settings.tap reset and tap delete all content and settings to reset Apple Watch
  3. Enter your password, if prompted confirm your action.

When the deletion is complete, configure the clock as new. Do not restore from a backup to avoid the old problems being ported. After setting up your watch, you can download the apps you use most, and also sync music or photos from iPhone.

Are there hardware problems or water damage?

Have you released the Apple Watch, or is it water damaged? If the portable device had a steep fall, there is a chance that there are some internal issues. For this you need to contact Apple Support. If you think your watch may have been submerged in water for a long time, take it to an Apple Service Center.

Logging off…

These are some of the real ways to solve the problem of the Apple Watch being stuck on the boot Apple logo. I hope one of the solutions helped. If your watch works well, there are some related posts you can check to get the most out of it.



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