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Apple will charge you $ 69 to replace the lost airpod

It took a little longer than expected that Apple's first wireless earphones should come. Now that you can buy a few Airpods, you may want to know what it will cost if you lose one of the little buggers.

The price seems quite reasonable. Apple will charge you $ 69 for a replacement, which, as their retail price of the entire package is $ 1

59, is not that bad.

If you lose all three main components at different times, you will pay a little extra. The special charge case will drive you another $ 69, so if you do not learn your lesson after you have placed the first Airpod, you will be totaling $ 207.

If you expect that type of accident, you may want to just Buy an extra pair now and save yourself almost fifty dollars. Or, you know, commit to taking care of the small, incredibly lost wireless phones you just bought yourself, to use with your headphone jack-less new iPhone.

Apple tries to warn you when an Airpod goes rogue – while listening to your melodies with them, anyway. Should one fall out of the ear, playback stops. Like Engadget notes, this functionality is not completely alert: Apple has also designed them that way to ease listening to someone who talks to you when you pull out.

But hey, something that helps you avoid spending $ 69 is unnecessary is cool, whether it's the main purpose or not. And before anyone else posts something like this on Apple's support forums: no, "find my Airpod" is not something. No, anyway.

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