9to5Mac reports that Apple is automatically extending the free TV + trial period for existing customers. The free trial period available to customers who have purchased certain Apple products after September 2019 extends to February 2021, providing up to three months more free. People who pay monthly or annually for the video streaming service will receive a similar amount of store credit that can be used to purchase some content in the iTunes Store.

According to Benjamin Mayo from 9to5Mac:

These refunds and extensions are automatically applied to the user̵

7;s accounts, so customers do not have to do anything at all to take advantage of Apple’s generosity. Email alerts will be sent out in the next few days.

Separately, Apple announced today that season two of Dickinson begins January 8, 2021, which anyone with the extended TV + free trial period can now begin watching before signing up for a paid plan.

I’m not surprised that Apple is expanding the TV + free trial. TV programs from TV + and other services have been interrupted worldwide due to the pandemic. By extending the free trial period, Apple has a chance to hook viewers on the second season of some of its favorite shows, making it more likely that they will stay as paying customers after the trial period expires.