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Apple will repair (dead pixels) my S4 out of warranty for free !! : Apple watch

So here’s the story of why I freakin ‘love Apple !!

A few days ago I bought a used S4 44mm aluminum from eBay (UK) for £ 180. It had some scratches on the hairline on the screen, nothing bigger, 99% battery health, everything worked fine. When I started using it, I noticed this light blue spot on the screen, only visible to colors like this. Contacted Apple Support via chat, talked to someone who confirmed that the watch is out of warranty and I have to pay for a repair. I thought it was definitely not worth it, so I gave up.

Later that day I read about consumer law and thought just as well to chat with Apple again and try my luck. Started a new chat and talked to a guy who said he was not aware of repairs under the Consumer Act and that he would pass me on to a senior employee. Senior guy asked about S / N and came back and said “Good news, the watch is still under warranty !!” I said I doubt that because everywhere I checked (look at itself, check the coverage page) it says it̵

7;s out of warranty. So he checks again and apologizes when he realized he read the date of purchase incorrectly. But he also says “I got you covered, we will fix it for free as once with courtesy!” So he asks me to cancel the pairing of the watch, confirm the delivery address and set up the repair for submission.

I still can not believe it, and until I have a new watch on my wrist, I have a low level of anxiety that something will go wrong, but it is good customer service !!

; tldr Got Apple Watch S4 out of warranty from eBay with dead pixels, Apple repairs it for free.

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