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Apple Wins Engineering Emmy Award for ‘ProRes RAW’ Video Codec

Television Academy has revealed the winners of its 72nd Engineering Emmy Awards, and announces a total of nine companies and five people who will receive the Emmys this year.

Apple has also earned an Emmy this year for the ubiquitous use of the ProRes RAW codec in both the film and television industries.

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The Academy has highlighted the codec’s “excellent preservation of source video quality”

; while crediting the innovative algorithm design, fast coding and ultra-fast decoding.

Here’s what the TV academy wrote about Apple’s codec:

These two features – combined with Apple’s industry licensing and certification support – make ProRes the most widely used codecs for end-to-end content-creating workflows: from high-quality acquisition to high-performance editing, color correction, broadcast and playout, and FX creation to master content rib. ”

Apple says that the ProRes codes take full advantage of multicore processing and have fast decoded modes with reduced resolution. The codec supports all frame sizes, including SD, HD, 2K, 4K and 5K, in full resolution.

You can find out more about Apple’s ProRes video codec at this link.

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