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Apple won an Apple Watch patent today that recognizes movements, limb positions, blood oxygen levels and touch ID

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially released a series of 66 recently granted patents to Apple Inc. today. In this special report, we cover Apple’s invention that may apply to a future Apple Watch and / or a secondary exercise / health assistant tracker device. Apple’s granted patent covers a lot of territory that includes understanding movements via special algorithms that can also understand which limbs the device is used on; adds new health measurement sensors such as reading oxygen levels in the blood; and add Touch ID to the screen of one of the device types.

Apple Watch, Health Assistant Device


7;s granted patent covers a future Apple Watch and / or a future health care device. As an example, a portable electronic device may be used on a user’s limb, for example on the wrist, arm, ankle or leg. Knowing if the electronic device is worn on the left or right limb can be useful or necessary information for some applications. For example, it may be necessary to know whether the electronic device is worn on the left or right limb when the electronic device includes one or more biometric applications, such as an electrocardiography application or a medical measurement or diagnostic application.

In one aspect, a portable electronic device may comprise one or more position sensing devices and a processing device. A processor-implemented method of determining a limb carrying the portable electronic device may include receiving one or more signals from at least one position sensing device for a given period of time, and analyzing at least one signal to determine the limb carrying the portable electronic device. .

In one embodiment, one or more limb movements and / or a limb position can be recognized and the limb carrying the electronic device is determined based on the recognized limb movement (s) and / or positions. Apple notes that the system identifies the gesture using pattern recognition algorithms on motion patterns. This aspect of the invention that Apple has worked on a lot over the years (see patent reports 01 and 02).

Examples of position sensor devices include, but are not limited to, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and / or a magnetometer. The at least one signal can be processed by the processing device before the signal or signals are analyzed. For example, a histogram can be produced, or a two-dimensional or three-dimensional plot can be created based on at least one signal.

In one embodiment, a pattern recognition algorithm can be performed on the at least one signal to determine which user part uses the electronic device.

The portable electronic device can be implemented as a portable health assistant that provides health-related information (either in real time or not) to the user, authorized third parties and / or an associated monitoring device.

The device may be configured to provide health-related information or data such as, but not limited to, heart rate data, blood pressure data, temperature data, oxygen saturation in the blood level data, diet / nutrition information, medical reminders, health-related tips or information, or other health-related data.

It is rumored that it is measured to measure oxygen measurements in the blood of the Apple Watch for some time now. For example, we released a supply chain report in late July claiming that the Apple Watch Series 6 would introduce this feature. This feature was revised yesterday in a rumor report from MacRumors.

Whether Apple will continue to add more health features to the Apple Watch or at some point introduce a secondary training band suggested in several patents (01 and 02), is unknown at this time.

Apple’s patent FIG. 2 below is an illustrative block diagram of an overview of a portable electronic device. This is where Apple also surprises us by noticing it The screen can also provide an input surface for one or more input devices, such as a touch-sensitive device and / or a fingerprint sensor.

2 Apple Watch or future Fitness band

Apple’s patent FIG. 3A and 3B illustrate the change in positive and negative directions to the x and y axes as the electronic device moves from one wrist to the other; and finally FIG. 14 above illustrates a flow chart of an exemplary method for Determine a limb that carries a portable electronic device.

Apple today received patent 10,761,575 from the US Patent and Trademark Office, which was originally filed in Q1 2019.

Apple lists Sorin Dusan, chief engineer, senior digital signal processing at Apple as the sole inventor. Dusan works with wearables / headsets / headphones DSP processing. Dusan previously held positions at NASA and Dolby Laboratories.

10.52FX - Granted patentable

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