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Apple’s 5G iPhone 12 will increase the demand for LCP FPCB modules

The demand for LCP (liquid crystal polymer) -based flexible PCBs are expected to pick up significantly as they will be featured in 5G iPhones’ mmWave antenna modules and in other high-speed transmission applications, according to a supply chain report from Digitimes this morning.

The use of LCP FPCB modules was forecast by Ming-Chi Kuo in November last year. Kuo believed that Apple’s next generation of 5G iPhones would have improved flexible circuit boards with liquid crystal polymer.

Although Apple experimented with LCP FPCB modules with the iPhone X, Kuo predicted that by and large, LCP FPC-based iPhones would eventually make up about 70-75% of Apple̵

7;s iPhone shipments over the next year.

What is LCP, or liquid crystal polymer? It is a reasonably new material that emerges in a flexible PCB production market that establishes a solid presence. This unique thermoplastic product is very thin (1, 2 as well as 4 mil cores), flexible circuits, lightweight, as well as has quite reduced moisture absorption in addition to high chemical resistance.

LCP also has excellent electrical buildings including reduced losses and also a safe dielectric constant that makes it perfect for high-frequency PCB production and mm-wave applications, especially those that can benefit from the sleek, lightweight cores.

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