"Apple has appointed marketing director Frank Casanova to senior director, Worldwide Product Marketing at Apple Augmented Reality," Gene Munster and Andrew Murphy write for Loup ventures. "Apple is still committed to AR, but is probably not happy with its marketing efforts to date. While it has been disappointing, we remain bullish on AR and bullish on Apple using their vast resources to make the theme a reality."

"We initially expected Apple's AR marketing efforts to be a" rolling thunder ", building excitement for new applications of magnified reality on the iPhone and iPad," writes Munster and Murphy. "In reality, Apple's AR marketing efforts over the past and a half have been sending IOS 1

1, becoming more of a light drizzle."

"Apple hasn't got consumers excited about AR," writes Munster and Murphy. "Showcasing an AR game at WWDC once a year doesn't cut it."

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