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Apple's AR projects have a new leader

It appears that reports of the deaths of Apple's AR Glasses project were greatly exaggerated. If that were the case, there would be little need for Apple to promote a well-established employee to lead it. According to a report from The Information, they have done just that.

It says that longtime Apple boss Kim Vorrath has been promoted to a new role that may include "bringing order to the AR headset team." Considering where the source is considered, I think it's a very good chance for this to be true. A paid outlet like The Information risks their credibility reporting something like that if it is not, so they would not take something so easily.

In my opinion, this sheds some additional light on the previous reports that Apple's AR glasses project has run into trouble. Several outlets took that news and immediately jumped to the conclusion that the project was canceled, even though the two Digitimes reports were not entirely clear and in fact appeared to conflict with each other. Leading with the negative for an Apple story naturally draws more attention, so …

However, if the information is correct, it can add some necessary context to the previous report. One of Digitime's articles said that AR glasses can only be delayed, which can certainly lead to a change of leadership. The fact that Apple has reportedly moved a leader with a lot of experience over should speak to the project's high priority. Then again, a delay or some obstacles to be overcome still seems much more likely than a cancellation of the project.

According to Cult of Mac, Vorrath seems like someone who is well-suited to fix problems and get things done: [1

9659006] "Vorrath spent 15 years coordinating troubleshooting efforts for all Apple operating systems, ensuring developers made deadlines. [19659006] These are some rock solid qualifications, in my opinion, the information also added that she is notorious for having a mood, being a programmer and now a project manager who sometimes has to lead them, I can understand how they can work one last nerve,

Another, but interesting, point is that this is another example of Apple showing a commitment to diversity in leadership positions, while mirroring the stereotypes typical of Silicon Valley not so long ago, Many female employees have been promoted to higher profile positions and have increasingly made the stage at events such as WWDC.The company even went out and got Angel a Ahrendts from Burberry a few years ago as their new Senior VP in charge of Apple Retail. While she went ahead a few months ago, it does not diminish companies' willingness to keep open-minded hires at high levels.

In this latter case, not only has Apple moved Kim Vorrath to lead AR projects, but they have moved Stacey Lysik, who was on stage at WWDC just a month ago, to replace her. This definitely shows Apple as one of the leaders among US technology companies when it comes to securing diversity, not just among rank and file, but also increasingly in management positions.

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