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Apple's 'biggest update' to Logic Pro X in years brings Live Loops, no iPad app of its own

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled what it calls "the biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X" in 2013, bringing it more in line with GarageBand, while also adding powerful sampling, sequencing and editing tools.

Most notably, the X.5 update brings "a professional version" of Garageband's Live Loops, which debuted in January 2016. As one of GarageBand's most popular features, Live Loops allows musicians to "play, edit, and arrange real-time musical ideas" by to choose from a library of instruments and pre-recorded cells or make their own sounds. Live Loops works in the same way on Logic Pro X as on GarageBand, though tracks can be "refined by using all of Logic's professional production features."

To complement Live Loops, Apple is also rolling out a feature called Remix FM, which "enhances Live Loops with an exciting collection of electronic effects like Bitcrusher, filters, streets and repeaters that can be performed in real time over individual tracks or entire song mixes . " Furthermore, new sampling tools allow sound designers to "turn any individual sound into a playable instrument", while a new step sequence and drum synthesizer provides precise control over "note speed, repeat, gate, jump, play direction and randomization." [1

9659002] In addition to optimizations for "the latest Mac hardware and the power of macOS," Logic Pro X.5 also brings "a major update" to Logic Remote, the free iOS companion app that lets iPhone and iPad users trigger certain Logic features and instruments that use the touch screen on their mobile devices. The update includes the ability to completely control Live Loops and remix FM.

However, for iPad Pro users this will not be enough. While Apple has slowly added features and capabilities to the iPad to bring it more in line with Mac – most recently with the addition of TouchPad support – it still lacks Apple's PC environment with support for so-called "pro" apps, namely Logic Pro X , Final Cut Pro X and Xcode.

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