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Apple’s first MacBook with Apple Silicon will reportedly be introduced during a special event in November

On Tuesday, Patently released a report on next week’s iPhone 12 event, noting that “beyond the iPhone 12 models that include their 5G models, rumors claim that Apple will introduce AirPods Studio headphones, a smaller HomePod, AirTags and may be, if we are lucky, you can see the first MacBook with Apple Silicon. Will the latter be set for a new event? We’ll find out next week. “

Just three days later, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman gave us an answer to that question. Gurman writes: “The first Mac laptop with Apple’s own processor will appear at another launch in November. “

On new headphones Gurman writes that Apple “is also preparing to announce its first Apple-branded over-ear headphones. The noise-canceling headphones are designed to be reversible so that both ear cups can fit in both ears and that the pillows can be replaced. “

Mark Gurman promotes over-ear versus Jon Prosser who promotes earphones as mentioned in the photoshop rendition below from his twitter website. If Prosser makes a mistake, his credibility will hit a hit. Then again, he can always claim that his crystal ball was in the store for repair when he made his prediction.

2 Prosthesis on the ear

On the new HomePod mini, Gurman writes: “The smaller HomePod will be Apple’s second smart speaker. The original model, released in 2018, failed to take large market shares. Apple is tapping at a lower price point, a smaller form factor.”

On 5G iPhones Gurman writes: “Apple Prepares to Launch 5G iPhones Into Unready US Market” is about the fact that the 5G iPhone probably will not have much value. Gurman writes “Verizon Communications Inc., AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile US Inc., have not yet rolled out 5G in a way that regularly provides higher data rates or broad coverage.

Gurman warns about that “If these companies do not dramatically upgrade their networks soon, many consumers who buy the latest iPhones may find this year’s top feature to be overwhelming.” For more on this, read the full story here.

Here’s hoping that a big announcement from at least one of the largest US wireless operators that support the 5G iPhone comes to just this point. Apple’s media event invitation issued on Tuesday emphasized “Hello, speed.” I do not think it was just a marketing slogan.

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