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Apple’s new AirTags may be unveiled this week – here’s an early look – BGR

  • Apple is expected to announce its AirTags security trackers at the Time Files event on Tuesday.
  • On Monday, Jon Prosser revealed the final design of the AirTags based on a video he sent, which he and Concept Creator used to create 3D renderings of the device.
  • Apple will reportedly sell its own keychain as AirTags are solid with no keychain holes.

On Tuesday, September 15, Apple will host its first major hardware event in 2020. Of course, it will be a virtual event, as the new coronavirus pandemic prevents companies from hosting events with everyone present, but it should be a remarkable occasion nonetheless, as several major product lines are expected will be represented. According to the latest leaks and rumors, the Apple Watch Series 6 and at least two new iPad models are guaranteed to debut on Tuesday, and according to Jon Prosser, Apple may also have a surprise or two.

In a new episode of Home Tech, host Jon Prosser said that Apple̵

7;s often reputed security codes, which are said to be called AirTags, have been made “when it comes to the production schedule […] and could possibly be announced ”at Apple’s Time Flies event on Tuesday. Processes also shared 3D renderings of AirTag’s supposed final design.

As Prosser explains, he was sent a video by AirTags that he is not willing to share to protect the source, but joined forces with Jermaine (@CConceptCreator) on Twitter to recreate the device that accurately reflects what he saw in the original video . You can watch these renderings above or in the YouTube video below:

Like Tile’s popular trackers, AirTags are used to keep track of devices other than your iPhone and iPad. You can slide one into your wallet, attach one to your keychain or turn one on your laptop. If you ever lose track of that item, you can use the Find My app on your phone or tablet to search for AirTag.

We’ve heard of AirTags for many years, but it sounds like Apple is finally ready to share them with the public. Prosser says they are “a little bigger than a bottle cap” – small enough to attach pretty much anywhere. The front of the AirTag is bright white with no logos or indications of what it is, while the back has a metal plate with an Apple logo and some important information about the device. AirTags will also use ultra-broadband radio technology for incredibly accurate tracking, which will allow you to find lost items wherever they are.

Finally, if you are wondering how to cut a solid plate for any of your valuables, Prosser says that Apple will sell a keychain separately. That is correct; If you want to attach AirTags to your keys, Apple will sell you a small leather bag with a keychain on it. This also opens the door to third-party accessories that you can store AirTags in, but it’s a bit bizarre, considering that Tile’s tags are predetermined to attach to your keychain.

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