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Apple’s new nanotextured glass – is it worth it

Apple's nano-textured screen light reflection simulation

This is how Apple describes the new nanotextured glass. Sounds impressive, right? We thought so too and decided to take it a step further to pull the screen off and show what it looks like right on top of the new 2020 iMac without the new technology.

I must admit that I did not even know that this was done in our studio until I received this email from our main photographer, Tom Voegeli:


I just photographed the Nano Texture screen on top of a regular glass iMac. The glass is very dark and absorbs light like velvet. It is darker than its own shadow. Unlike previous matte screens, this does not have a frosty appearance that washes out dark tones, mutes highlights or softens the image. The image looks razor sharp, and with zero reflections of non-light sources, it is almost surreal. For touch, it has a barely noticeable texture, perhaps like black anodized aluminum. Working on this screen in a patio or room with skylights should not be a problem. You can probably work with this screen outdoors.

See attached pictures.

This screen makes me buy a new iMac for myself. Planning how you can afford this $ 500 option is easy – just do not buy Apple’s RAM upgrades.

Be safe,

Tom Voegeli
Main photographer

What the fuck? He’s absolutely right. Fantastic description (and a very smooth way to connect OWC memory in the end).

Apple's new nanotextured glass that is on top of the standard iMax 27 for 2020
Apple’s new nanotextured glass is on top of the standard 2020 iMax 27 ″ to contrast the difference.

Side by side, you can actually see the reflective differences between the two screens. The best part of this picture? The right one? “Look at Matt’s face …

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