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Apple's new time-limited offer gives you extra revenue for iPhone XS, XR Upgrades

Apple is not known to offer offers on its products so if you missed the Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday agreements that were floating around during the past week, you might think you're unlucky. However, it may not be the case with Apple updating its official submission site to create some new campaigns.

The current campaigns appear to have increased trading credits for some devices, as long as you are shopping them against iPhone XS or iPhone XR. In fact, if you are very lucky, you can get as much as an extra $ 100 against a new iPhone.

As an example, let's take an iPhone 6 submission. It's usually only $ 75, which is pretty bad, but right now you get $ 150 against a new iPhone XR or iPhone XS. Do you have an iPhone 6 Plus? It has doubled its normal $ 100 purchase price, and buyers now get $ 200 against a new device.

Trade your Qualified Device for a Gift Card from the Apple Store or a refund on the purchase. 1 If your device is not eligible for credit, we will recycle it for free. Whatever model or condition, we can make it any good for you and good for the planet.

Unfortunately, these increased purchase prices apply only to iPhone XR or iPhone XS, so anyone who wants to pick up an older iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 is unfortunately required to take the lower purchase price instead.

If you consider shopping with your old device, it must be able to turn on and have no major damage. The screen must also work, which is quite the standard price for such offers.

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