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Apple's Next Gen iPhone comes in focus

Photo Source: 9to5Mac

There have been many rumors about the iPhone 11 already this year. Nothing new there, since there has been a constant stream of leaks and reports for every iPhone that spans months since the transition to iPhone X changed things. There were rumors and leaks before, but not like that. No matter how the iPhone sells, I don't think anything will come back.

Although I do not invest much time in the rumors of early bird, now we are going to crush time, when real leaks begin to flow and reliable sources begin to report. Yesterday, we had Guilherme Rambo from 9to5Mac highlighted with new information about this year's new crop of iPhones. He confirmed some of the obvious, for example, three phones with A1

3 processors and another year with Lightning Port.

A piece of new information has to do with a new Taptic Engine. Although nothing really is known about what sets it apart, the work theory is that it makes up for the differences after removing the 3D Touch from the iPhone. There have been rumors in a couple of months now, and iOS 13 definitely shows that Apple is moving in a different and more unified direction when it comes to contextual menus.

The other features mentioned are related to the cameras. There has been no shortage of images of the wooden camera ball on the back of the iPhone 11, and Rambo confirms that these rumors and mockups are correct. He also agrees with a previous Bloomberg report that the third lens will be for larger angle shots. In a new twist, Rambo reports that the camera in front will also be upgraded. Specifically, it will be able to record video at 120 frames / sec.

Rambo gives details of a new and interesting feature called Smart Frame, which the new wide-angle lens will activate. The new lens will record information from the frame for both images and video. This information will be kept in a short period of time so that this user has the ability to back up images with information that is not original.

All in all, the iPhone 11 looks like a pretty pedestrian update, probably focusing on the new camera features with software upgrades that come with them. Based on what I've seen from the newly updated Photos app in iOS 13, I expect the camera software will also see a remarkable upgrade.

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