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Apple’s September 15 event may focus on the Apple Watch and iPad, not new iPhones

Back in July, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the new iPhone series would see a slight delay. Today, the company confirmed a special event for September 15. But we can wait a little longer to see new smartphones from Apple.

On Tuesday, Apple announced a special event for September 15, 2020. It is in a week. It’s possible because it’s a virtual event, similar to the one Apple hosted earlier this year at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. So we will all tune in online to see what Apple has in store for us. But there may not be new iPhones.

It’s according to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, who tweeted out this upcoming event, will be focused on the iPad and Apple Watch. Gurman says he has been informed that Apple does not plan to announce the new iPhone series until sometime in October:

No specific date was given, which is not surprising. But for anyone looking forward to seeing a new iPhone debut at this year’s September event, it may not be fulfilled.

Instead, the September event will reportedly focus on a new iPad model, or models, and the Apple Watch Series 6. The new smartwatch will reportedly feel blood oxygen monitoring as its primary new feature. The design is said to resemble the Series 5.

Meanwhile, as for new iPad models, there have been many rumors. Back in August, for example, a leaked manual suggested that the “iPad Air 4” would have Touch ID built into the power button. The new iPad model can include a screen that measures between 10.8 inches and up to 11 inches, with minimal frames.

But wait, there may be more?

The reality is that we do not know exactly what Apple will announce on September 15. We know that the iPhone 12 is delayed by a couple of weeks, at least. This means that the units will not start until sometime in October. That still makes it possible for Apple to announce the handsets next week. However, it is equally possible that will not happen.

So it can make room for other products. AirTags, for example. The Tile competitor is a small tracking device that has been rumored for several months now. Apple was able to unveil this accessory on September 15. Although the latest rumor suggested that AirTags would debut with the iPhone 12 in October.

And then there are often rumored AirPods Studio, the headphones over the ear. We’ve heard of these headphones for how it feels forever now. apple could unveiled them September 15.

In any case, we do not have long to wait.

Are you excited about the event on September 15?

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