"Steve Jobs Theater Pavilion in Apple Park has received a 2018 Structural Prize from the Department of Structural Engineers for Structural Artistry," reports Dennis Sellers for Apple World Today. "Awards honors structural engineers with creative projects that show prominent examples of innovative technical solutions."

"Steve Jobs Theater Pavilion is the largest structure in the world, only supported by glass. It has a 47m carbon fiber roof, the largest of its kind, consisting of 44 radial panels mounted on the spot before lifted up , says salesmen. "This 80-tonne roof is supported by a 7m high glass cylinder, consisting of glass panels, each consisting of four layers of 1

2mm thick layers that hold the ceiling upside down."

<img src = "http: // macdailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/170713_steve_jobs_theater.jpg "alt =" Apple's Steve Jobs Theater [19659004] Apple Steve Jobs Theater

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MacDailyNews Take: Congratulations to all those who worked and built the amazing Steve Jobs Theater!

Interns, TTK. Hoist, all! Prost!