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Apple’s Tile competitor may finally be in production

Apple’s tile-like location tracking product has finally come into production, according to a report from Nikkei, which means you might be able to buy them sometime soon. Rumors about the trackers, which will apparently help you wirelessly find items they are attached to like a purse or wallet, have been swirling since last year. They can be called “AirTags”, are apparently designed to work with Apple’s Find My app, and are expected to be small circular plates.

AirTags can also have some sort of disconnect feature, according to a now-deleted Apple support video, which means they may not need a Wi-Fi or mobile connection. This suggests that they may have a built-in radio with broadband radio, similar to the U1

chip in the iPhone 11.

Despite the fact that they are apparently in production, it is not clear when AirTags can come out. In a August 31 report Bloomberg said that AirTags is still under development and may come with leather case, and Bloombergs Mark Gurman has said that they can be part of Apple’s autumn product range. Apple has announced an event for September 15, which is technically before the start of the autumn, but there is always a chance that the company will take the package from them then.

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