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Apple’s watch and iPad event went exactly according to the numbers

Apple Watch Series 6

And that’s okay

So Apple’s first of two or three streaming events this fall is in the books, and it was pretty uneventful. Other than price information for the new Apple Fitness + and Apple One subscriptions, there really was nothing major revealed today. I do not remember if anyone predicted the Product RED Watch in advance, but almost everything else was widely known.

However, this does not mean that this incident was irrelevant.

First, Apple showed that it can handle a streamed product announcement event as well as the one pulled by WWDC. The police we expect from them were there. If anything, it removes the crowd, it reduces some interaction and “humanity”

;, but it really speeds things up and gets the event to the point. These streaming events allow Apple to quickly cover a lot of ground while still deepening the points they really want to hammer home. And they still manage to sprinkle some laughter, such as the weird Craig Federighi cameo flybys.

Second, Apple showed some flexibility in the face of a worldwide pandemic. They just rolled out a new A-series processor in an iPad before the last iPhone once before, and that was several years ago with the iPad 2. Things have changed a lot since then, and the iPhone clearly controls the entire Apple hardware series now . Still, Tim Cook and Co were willing to shake things up a bit this year with the iPhone running late. That’s a good thing in my opinion.

Apple’s new supper iPad Air also reminds me of the days when the company had no problem cannibalizing its own products with something else they thought could serve the market more efficiently.

IPad Air 4

They actually did a little if this TO Air last year, when the base model iPad screen moved to 10.2 “and it got Smart Keyboard support at a cheaper price.

This year it was Air 4’s turn to step on the 11 ”iPad Pro. It will have a processor with higher numbers (however, this is not an A14X, so the difference between 12Z and 14 may not be as great as it may seem on the surface), the same basic look and many of the same features. Oh, and that’s $ 200 less. This new Air is going to run rings around the sale of the iPad Pro, and that’s good. By taking sales from the cheaper iPad, it will also run the APU for Apple tablets higher at the same time. This is a much better positioning for Air than last year’s “spare bucket” version.

In terms of clock, the Series 6 is a fairly modest upgrade. The new color additions are a nice touch, as they were with the iPad Air. That said, I really wish Apple would stop messing with my damn gold. Every time I put on a shade of gold I like, they start messing with it again and screwing it up. Jaja. First world problems.

The addition of the Watch SE was smart, and keeping the Series 3 around $ 199 was also a good move, as the Watch has proven to be a very sticky device. Having a compelling alternative to impulse buying is smart. However, the real move here is Apple Fitness +. We all knew it was coming, but I was curious if it would get off to a rough start, as did other new Apple services like Apple TV + and News +. While we may not get it in a while, demo it very well today.

Apple is facing a very tough and established competition in this space, so getting a good start will be important for them. If Fitness + works as well as it looked, and Apple lives up to its promises of a continuous stream of new workouts and content, then they can really join in on something. Apple is not exactly known for offering less expensive options, but workouts like this can be very expensive. The prices on Fitness + simply look reasonable, and you get 3 free months with a Watch purchase. I’m excited to try this.

That was just a little bad news today. Apple sneaked in confirmation that the iPhone charger in the box will disappear this year. It was absolutely no surprise, but it was interesting that they chose to talk about it today under their environmental segment. Way to try to hide / bury it.

The only other disappointment for me (in addition to Apple possibly ruining my gold-colored stainless steel watch color – I can not let it go) was that Fitness + would not be out until the end of the year, and the new iPad Air will not be available for next month. I just bought a recumbent bike and would like to start using the Fitness + workouts on it. As for Air, it’s interesting that Apple chose to go ahead and announce it today, weeks before availability. However, it tells you how behind everything things are years. It’s not just the iPhone.

So Apple’s other events seem to be going pretty well after this one. The next one will obviously focus on iPhones and will likely affect AirPods Studio and probably AirTags. I would not be shocked if HomePod only comes with a press release, but who knows. After that, we’ll probably have a new event dedicated to Apple Silicon Macs sometime in November. For such a strange year, it seems that Apple handles the hardware releases quite well.

As for me, I managed to order the Apple Watch Series 6 after a lot of unexpected problems from the Apple Store app. I will get mine between 9/28 and 9/30, so I want a review ready to go soon after it arrives. Alas, the iPad Air has to wait a few weeks.

I’m curious as to whether the new Air will arrive before the iPhone announcement, or at about the same time. I also wonder if the new blue color will grow on me from time to time. I’m not so sure about the lighter shade, but we all have time to think about it while we wait.

Oh, and everything greets Mark Gurman again. While many leaks called for iPhone announcements and surprises of various kinds, he was again 100% right, just like last week.

What did you think of today’s Apple event? Let me know in the comments section below or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.

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