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Apps about pets

"Amazingly, I got a loving sitter who could control my pet in moments after I asked for it." – Charlene W

PetBacker connects loving peters, groomers, dog lovers with pet owners just like you. PetBacker is a platform that lets you rent reliable Pet Sitter, dog lovers and animal care providers safely. You can use Petbacker to get people to take care of your pet, or you can use Petbacker to make extra money with your pet love. You can use pet support to show the world about your pet too!

If you have a pet before and are good at caring for pets, Petbacker can get you a seat job without revealing personal contact information before you are hired. It is also safe with the Pet Owner's identity confirmed, weeding out shady characters. You can choose to get Dyreiere to pay Petbacker in advance so that your hard work is guaranteed and we will release the payment within 7 days of your work.

For Pet Owners

2;- Find Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Groomers and Boarding —
• If you do not know which pet sits or at home to look for, Petbacker will find Pet Sitting, dog trailer and animal care providers with the right skills for you immediately. You can now get them with a single click, anywhere, and the potential Pet Sitter will apply for your job immediately via chat.

—- Smart Search —
• Petbacker takes your "Request" and sends it as an opportunity to these Pet Sitter, Dog Walker and animal care providers that meet your criteria and may work on your request, And only Pet Sitter, dog walkers or pet care providers interested in working with your project will answer you, saving time from searching and filtering.

— Compare pet sites and pet service providers —
• No longer search through pages of Pet Sitter and Pet Shop lists; You will get the best Pet Sitter or a Pet Care Provider offering the best quotes immediately from trusted Pet Sitter or Care Provider with our private chat system. Each application contains an estimated price, previous customer review and grades and profile.

— Hire the right Pet Sitter and other pet care providers —
• You can also see reviews and reviews left by peers and Get the best, with talents and models confirmed with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Identification (passport, IC, social). When you are ready, consider the right Pet Sitter or Pet Care Providers at a price that suits you.

For Pet Sitter:
— We source potential jobs for you —
You are BACKER by the owner when the owner goes on vacation or has other things to do. Get real jobs and lead you anywhere you are.

• With Petbacker OnDemand Platform, pet owners nearby who need you can find you with a single click, even if they don't know about you. All potential managers will be matched and sent directly to you

• With Petbacker Directory, pet owners can easily find you by looking for the related job post you made. Enhance your online presence with search engine optimizations so you can be discovered from search engine searches.

• With Petbacker Browse Jobs, Be Proactive and Record Requests That You Think You Can Do While the Pet Owner Feels You Can Do It

For Freelancers:
– Make Extra Income –
• Put These the skills to use and make money from your free time! Offering your services on a part-time basis, no brick and mortar shop is required, just work on PetBacker! Give help and be rewarded in return from everything from jobs related to animal boards, sitting, walking or food.

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