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Apps on Apple TV – Amazon / Netflix / PBS

I have a strange problem where my apple tv box forgets where we are in different apps and shows, and marks them as unattended, or only half watched.

I ended six seasons of a show recently on the Amazon Prime app, and the last season had been shown as all full bars / sets on, but now it appears as only half sets / half bars.

Last night I stopped a show on the PBS app, episode 4. It lost my break point, shows that I watched the whole episode 1, none of 2, and half of 3. And tonight I started as if I never watched anything of episode 4. And it will not save any progress if I leave the app. It is reset to not monitored at all.

In the Netflix app, it shows that I only finished the show for the halfway mark. So the bars on many previous sets all look the same, half a bar.

We have two apple TV boxes, and subscriptions to apps Netflix, PBS and Amazon Prime.

This started occasionally last month, but has gotten really bad this week.

I can see this happening a few years ago for other people on other devices, but I can not see how to fix it.

I tried restarting the two apple TVs, but no change.

Last week, the remote control stopped working, and I had to restart to fix it as well. It would sweep from side to side, but not up / down.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or is there a link to a solution I can make?

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