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Are you looking for an Apple card? It's incredibly easy to do.

Today while visiting a relative, I thought I should check my email and see, it was an invitation to apply for the new Apple card. Now, I need another credit card that I need to get brain surgery, but since I used to have one of the old Apple credit cards in the 1980s, I figured I'd continue the tradition with the new card. The process of searching for it is typically "Apple easy" and that is what this article will show you.

At this point, Apple sends invitations to the people who expressed interest in getting the new card. In the future, anyone with an iPhone will be able to search from Apple Wallet. The invitation email looks like these two screens side by side:

  Screenshots showing portions of the email sent to those requesting early access to the Apple Card

You must have iOS 12.4 or better , and you can either press the "Apply Now" button or go to the Wallet app, press +, and then press Continue. At that point, the splash screen will appear below:

  This is the Apple Card

When you press Continue, you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID address and password, confirm your name, date of birth, home address and contact phone number, and then enter the last four digits of your social security number. You will also be asked for your estimated annual income.

One of the benefits of the Apple card is that you should get approval almost immediately if you have a good credit rating and start using the "virtual card" in your wallet when the approval comes. However, please be aware that if you have a credit lock for security reasons, you must wait for a call from someone at Goldman Sachs Bank USA to validate your account. I have such a lock due to an identity theft incident lately, so for now I can't use the card.

The application process does not take time at all since most of the required information is already associated with Apple ID and you simply need to verify that it is current and correct. I ended the process in about two minutes on the iPhone while having a conversation with another person.

What are the benefits of the Apple card? First, and I love this, there is no annual fee. Each transaction generates a cashback reward called "Daily Cash" which varies depending on the item purchased and which cash is shown as a positive balance on your Apple Cash card. This money can be accumulated and then spent just like cash.

The Apple card also has an innovative support mechanism – just send a message and you'll get an instant response. An example Apple uses is to send a new home address to the support team and get instant confirmation that the account address has changed.

Gradually, each Apple Card user also receives a titanium card for use where Apple Pay is not accepted. That card has no number on it, another security feature that is quite unique. Apple has a complete website that explains the Apple card and its benefits.

I will update this post once I have been approved to let Rocket Yard readers know how the card works.


Less than two hours after application, I received a call from "Apple Card Support" (most likely someone at Goldman Sachs) for credit check validation. It took about a minute, and shortly after, the card was live with a decent high credit limit. The titanium card is something every user needs to ask for; it does not ship by default, as I said before. Apple also sends an informative email (see below):

  The informative email from Apple welcoming new card users

The Wallet app contains the Apple Card, and when you buy it appears to make different colors . Mine are blank because I only have a $ 1 purchase on it right now. These colors are used in a different way to tell you how to spend your money. In the app, you can also do things like change your billing address, allow transaction alerts (a good idea), make the card the default for the App Store, Apple Music, and Apple services, and set up a bank account for automatic payments.

  Apple Card settings screen in the Wallet app
If you touch the Apple card in your wallet, then press the … button to display this settings screen.

Another great security feature? If at any time you believe your card has been compromised, you can request a new card number. Since the Apple Card account is actually virtual and the titanium card doesn't have the card number on it, you can change the card number very quickly.

Overall, I was very pleased with the Apple Card process. The company is expected to continue this early rollout for a month or so before opening applications to anyone

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