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Automatic layout of podcasts – Six colors

By Jason Snell

Since Dan and I do a lot of technical podcasts in addition to our technical writing, a feature on this site has since the beginning posted links to these podcasts. It’s been a mostly manual process, recently extended with an iOS shortcut that I built a while back.

But since we moved the site to WordPress, I have been hoping that we could find a plugin to automate this process for us. Unfortunately, most WordPress feed-based RSS plug-ins are primarily aimed at people who want to build spammy websites that corrupt other people̵

7;s content.

But Dan found the Podcast Importer plugin from SecondLine Themes, which seemed to do the job. However, it was not pretty what we wanted – you know us, we want it exactly the way we want it, and the plug-in did not quite fit the bill.

Fortunately, Podcast Importer is open source, and Six Colors reader Ryan Tvenge of Hoverboard Studios is a WordPress developer. Ryan previously helped modify the WordPress Memberful plugin to add an RSS feed filtering feature for our members, and this time he made the changes we wanted to make Podcast Importer more configurable and filterable. In both cases, Ryan’s changes were contributed to these plug-ins, hopefully for the benefit of other users.

With Ryan’s changes made and tested, our podcast posting is now automated on the server end. And Dan and I can regain that time and use it to write more articles and make more podcasts. Just in time for next week’s Apple event, no less.

Thanks, Ryan!

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