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Aviary is a new Twitter client designed for iOS 14 with unique features

I once said here that Twitter is probably my favorite social network, and it’s still true. As I always look for great apps to use, I recently discovered Aviary, which is a new Twitter client designed for iOS 14 with some unique features. Read on as I talk about my experience with Aviary in recent weeks.

What I really like about Aviary is that it really looks like a real iOS app, according to Apple’s design guidelines. The app was designed for iOS 14, so it really looks like something extremely modern. In the iPhone app, you will find five different tabs that offer important Twitter functions: Feed, Mentions, Messages, Trending and Profile.

There is not much to talk about what you find in each tab, as it is a Twitter app, and if you are already a Twitter user, you probably know what all this means. I̵

7;m here to talk about how Aviary allows you to interact with all of this. My biggest complaint about the official Twitter app for iOS is that it does not take advantage of many of the iOS features, which third-party apps usually do.

With Aviary, users can have deep interactions with Haptic Touch. When you tap a tweet, the app displays a menu of options for replying, retweeting, quoting, translating, sharing and more. There are also movements with movements, so you can swipe from left to right to quote or retweet, or swipe from right to left to like or respond to a tweet – and you can even change the behavior of these movements.

The tweet composer makes this app even more interesting, as it provides unique features that not even the official Twitter app offers. In addition to the options for tweeting a photo, video or your location, Aviary PencilKit has integration. This means you can create a drawing in the app and tweet it right away.

If drawing is not enough, the app offers more faces with popular ASCII characters. It also has an advanced tweets filter that not only lets you block some words, but also tweets with media, retweet, quotes and more. There is even an option that easily generates an image of a particular tweet, so you can share it anywhere instead of just sending the tweet URL.

iOS 14 users will find widgets that display the latest tweets from the timeline directly on the home screen, and iPad users will be happy to know that the app is perfectly designed for larger screens with sidebars and columns.

If you are serious about the experience of using Twitter on your iPhone or iPad, you should definitely try the Aviary app.

Aviary is available on the App Store for $ 3.99 as a one-time purchase. The app requires iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 and later to work.

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