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Back: The future is in order to fight (Member post)

It’s been a controversial year for Apple. With splashes against the likes of Basecamp, Microsoft and Epic, it seems like every month brings a new battle for the people of Cupertino.

Let’s be real: this trend is not going to stop at any time in the near future. The truth of the matter is that Apple is the largest company in the world now, which means that it will increasingly clash with many other companies in an endless battle for capitalist supremacy. It’s just the law of the silicon jungle.

But would not it be nice to know what lies ahead of us? Good news! I have looked into my crystal ball for a preview of the matches that are almost certainly on the way in the coming years.

Apple v. Google ̵

1; Okay, this one’s pretty clear. I mean, Apple and Google are already competing in many places, from smartphones to mapping to voice assistants, and with Google just this week announcing a TV app and upgrading the smart speaker and TV dongle, it seems pretty clear that Mountain View and Cupertino are going to snipe at each other in the foreseeable future.

Apple vs. Netflix – Contents! The future is about content …

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