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I think this may be broader than “just” networking issues, but let’s have it …

Let’s start with this: what is the practical difference between T-568A and T-568B standards for Ethernet connections? Historical relevance aside (apparently T-568B pinout matches an old AT&T system pinout), does it matter if a particular cable ends A or B? In particular, not everything will be the same and Ethernet patch cable connects just as well to what termination pinout it has?

And then there are Cat6 specific terminations. Since the ones I have present are keystone connectors instead of something else, I have not been able to determine if there is just a layout problem on the punch down connector, if it is T-568B or something else … Yes, Cat6 is physically thicker than Cat5, but why do not Cat6 keystone markings match Cat5 keystone markings? Or am I missing something here?

Does this come down to “there is one thing in the crowd”

;, or is it something more practical?

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