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Be sure to get your OWC order on time with these tips

With the Thanksgiving holiday now behind us, we move on next semester focusing on giving (and receiving!). Fortunately, the days are waiting in long lines to cross the name of your list in the past. Shopping online lets you get what you need sent right to your door. The only steps outside you have to take is picking the package up from your porch.

Fortunately, the affordable shipping holiday gives you a pain free holiday, but as with your holiday shopping, the weight is being informed and getting started early.

And here at Rocket Yard, we are great believers that knowledge is power, so we have again set up some tips and shipping estimates and deadlines to ensure that you get your order from us on time. After all, holidays are much better spent with quality time together with family and friends, rather than stress over shipping times.

Tip # 1

: See where your package is shipped and the company's daily delivery deadlines. For our customers, most of our orders ship from our Woodstock, Ill. Location, so shipping is only one day anywhere in Illinois, a good part of Wisconsin and Iowa, and some of Michigan, Indiana and Missouri. We also have a shipping facility in Nevada for improved order processing and fulfillment. We always recommend planning the item to be shipped from Woodstock, Ill., And if sent from NV, it will be early! Why spend more on faster shipping if you do not need? Our daily delivery dates vary from supplier and service, so you'll make sure you check our delivery options page to make sure your order is timely.

Tip # 2: See weather. Winter is coming, and it usually means that winter storms are not too far behind. A good storm can easily separate loading plans or cause accidents to the trucks on the road, which can lead to delays of both large and small. If there is a storm, choose a faster method than you need, just in case. Cut half the time if possible, it will help to make sure that if something goes wrong you will still be happy.

Tip # 3: Send to yourself as often as possible. Responsible sellers will confirm credit card information to prevent credit card fraud for their customers during their vacation. Shipping to the same address your card issuing bank has in stock for you will ensure quick processing and fewer delays.

Well for the good things! Here are our recommendations for vacation destinations:

UPS Christmas Shipping Deadlines (Within USA)

  • December 17 – Deadline for UPS 3 Day Select Shipping (Delivery December 21).
  • December 19 – Deadline for UPS 2nd day Air transport (delivery 21st December).
  • 20. Dec. – Deadline for UPS 2nd day Air transport (delivery on 22 December). Note that these packages must be processed and marked for delivery on Saturday, which is not available in all zip codes
  • 21. December – Deadline for UPS next day Air Transfers. (delivery on December 22). Note that these packages must be processed and marked for delivery on Saturday, which is not available in all zip codes

FedEx Christmas Shipping Deadlines (USA to USA, USA to PR, Canada and Mexico)

  • 15. December – Deadline for FedEx Ground
  • December 18 – Deadline for FedEx Home Delivery
  • December 19 – Deadline for United States to Mexico for International Priority
  • 20. December – Deadline for FedEx 2-Day
  • 20. December – Deadline for US to PR and Canada for International Economy
  • 20. December – Deadline for the United States to Mexico for International Priority
  • 20. December – Deadline for FedEx Standard Overnight, Priority Overnight, First Accommodation
  • 20. December – Deadline for United States for PR and Canada for International Priority

USPS Christmas Shipping Deadlines (within the United States)

  • December 11 – APO / FPO / DPO AE for Priority Post
  • 15. December – Deadline for standard parcel mail (Mail) shipments.
  • Dec 19 – Deadline for First Class Post
  • December 20 – Priority Post Time
  • Dec 16 – APO / FPO / DPO AE for Priority Express Mail Shipments
  • 20 – Deadline for Priority Express Mail Shipments [19659029] For our international customers, we recommend estimating estimated delivery times to your area with your preferred carrier. Since we ship to over 200 countries, it is difficult to provide average estimates for international shipments via express boats, so you may wish to check these vendors web pages to confirm shipping times.

    Please note that all shipments from OWC are delivered with Only the package included, which does not include prices for those of you who send gifts directly to friends and family. International import laws require that all packets sent internationally contain the relevant customs papers, which will include the cost of the goods being dispatched on the outside of the package. Any duties, taxes or brokerage / import fees will be collected at the time of delivery.

    Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions; We are always here to make sure you find exactly what you need and get it when you need it. You can contact our friendly and helpful Sales, Customer Support, or Technical Support by phone at 800-275-4576 or internationally at 815-338-8685, or via Live Chat or Email through our website.

    And remember when shopping, OWC has the best deals this season on our holiday offer page. We wish you the best for you and your holiday. Happy shopping!

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