"Sometimes around 1988, my housekeeper and I cut a deal. She wanted to buy a Macintosh computer, I wanted to buy an external hard drive, and we would leave the system in the living room to share. She used the device the most, Since I did computing on an IBM 286 and just wanted to keep up with Apple's developments, Matthew Lasar writes for Ads Technica. "But after we set up the Mac, I sat down for one night and noticed a program on the application menu . & # 39; HyperCard? & # 39; I was wondering. & # 39; What is it? & # 39; "

" I opened the app and read the instructions. HyperCard allowed you to create stacks of cards, which were visual pages on a Macintosh screen, writes Lasar. "Intrigued, I started composing stacks … I finally watched my wrist watch. It was four o'clock. Risen and quite tired, I turned with visions of stacking buttons dancing in my head."

"Even before that was canceled, then discovered HyperCard's inventor end, in an anxious 2002 interview, Bill Atkinson confessed to his Big Mistake, if he had only found that stacks could be linked through cyberspace, and not just installed on a particular desktop, It would have been something else, "writes Lasar. "I missed the mark with HyperCard," complained Atkinson. I grew up in a box-centric culture at Apple. If I had grown up in a network culture, like Sun, HyperCard could have been the first browser. My blind spot on Apple prevented me from making HyperCard the first browser. "

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