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Best Apple Watch Apps of 2019: A Look At The Optimal Specialty

  Best Apple Watch Apps

Frankly, I was a little skeptical about how developers would optimize their apps to seamlessly run on Apple Watch when it was launched in 2015. But have been using the smartwatch for more than a couple of years, I can firmly said that all my doubts have disappeared for the better. Despite having the obvious limitations, apps are designed to take full advantage of the most adorable Watch of the Planet. While there are a number of very user-friendly apps, these are my best Apple Watch apps.

I like the apps that are easy to use, even on the small screen of Watch. Those who have a neat user interface soothe me a lot. To ensure that all my needs are fully taken care of, I use a variety of apps ̵

1; from email, notebooks to social networking applications. Do you want to catch them all? Let's browse through the long lists!

Best Apple Watch Apps in 2019

# 1. Instagram

  Instagram Apple Watch App Screenshot
It's very hard not to include an app like Instagram that controls the hearts of millions of users worldwide. The app lets you share fun pictures and videos with your friends and loved ones. There are several filters that allow you to instantly change the look of your photos.

It also lets you send missing pictures. Furthermore, you can explore tons of great photos and clips shared by a growing community.

Price: Free

# 2. Facebook Messenger

  Messenger Apple Watch App Screenshot
After WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is the most popular messaging application in the world. It's ideally optimized for Apple Watch to let you communicate with your friends and loved ones elegantly. You want to find out who is active and quickly send him a nice message.

You can turn it on to let your friends know when you are nearby. Just in case you will not be disturbed by endless alerts, disable alerts.

Price: Free

# 3. Spark

  Spark of Readdle Apple Watch App Screenshot
If you manage email messages turn out to be a tedious task for you, I'd recommend trying Spark. You can quickly review all your important emails. The app can easily find the most used signatures, so you can choose the most preferred without spending much time.

You can enable smart messages to receive alerts only when you receive an important message. The app also lets you send the custom reply to email messages. Furthermore, the app is integrated with a variety of apps and services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Readability, Pocket, Evernote and OneNote.

Price: Free

# 4. Todoist

  Todoist Apple Watch App Screenshot
If you want to make the process of managing or organizing your tasks stress free, go to Todoist. You can easily assign tasks to partners and keep a tab on progress.

Create to-do lists about everything you want to do perfectly and get reminders about them to make sure you are able to complete them before the set time. You will also share lists with family and friends. More importantly, the app supports several languages ​​such as English, Danish, Dutch, etc.

Price: Free

# 5. Evernote

  Evernote Apple Watch App Screenshot
With Evernote, you will get the necessary convenience in the way you manage your tasks and take notes. You can instantly create lists, collaborate with your friends, and keep track of them. The app allows you to take notes in a variety of formats such as text, sketches, images, audio, video, PDF files, web clips, etc.

To add extra protection to your notes, use the password to offer more shields to your privacy. Set reminders so you can't carry any task.

Price: Free

# 6. GPS Tracks

  GPS Tracks Apple Watch App Screenshot
GPS Tracks have been created to let users track their waypoints or route. With several easy-to-use features such as Current Track Information, Current Location Information and Current Waypoint Information, this app can be useful for Apple Watch users by helping them track locations quickly.

You can also create routes to follow manually. Thanks to the playback feature, you can record anywhere on your own. In addition, you can add a waypoint to your current location.

Price: $ 3.99

# 7. MoneyWiz 2

  MoneyWiz 2 Apple Watch App Screenshot
MoneyWiz 2 is an intuitive personal finance app. It strives to help you manage your finances with the utmost ease. Using this app, you can put accounts, budgets, and bills in one place and get them instantly without any problems. You can enter revenue and expenses on the go.

Set up your bills to get you on time and never be late. Enter your budget and the app will keep track of your transactions. It's not all that you can seamlessly adapt to your needs better.

Price: $ 4.99

# 8. O&X Watch Edition

  O & X Apple Watch App Screenshot
What about playing O & X games on Apple Watch? It may not be sensational and loaded with challenges, but you will love playing it with your friends. You can unlock many different pieces to prove your superiority.

You will also compare your skills with your friends via the Game Center leaderboards. As the latest version of the game is without ads, you'll love having a ride on it. While the iPhone edition is free, the Apple Watch counterpart comes at $ 0.99.

Price: $ 0.99

# 9. Easy Cooking Timer

  Easy Cooking Timer Apple Watch App Screenshot
If you are unable to keep pace with cooking, give this app a chance to help you stay ahead to stay ahead of time. The app lets you specify the steps you want to follow for a specific process and the exact time you want to assign. Check out when your meal is ready and when you need to take the next step. Audio and video alerts ensure that you are unable to complete the task in time.

Price: $ 2.99

# 10. TicTalkToc

  TicTalkToc Apple Watch App Screenshot
While delivering the speech, most people tend to go overboard and forget to keep up with the allotted time. If you are one of those who often has to deliver a speech or go to presentation, TicTalkToc will be a perfect tool for you.

It shows green color to indicate that you have reached the minimum time, yellow to indicate the remaining within time and red to mean that your time is almost over. It also gives 30 seconds of grace.

Price: $ 0.99

Your favorite tap!

Time to tell us which of these apps have found safe skies on Apple Watch. It would be very nice to know some of your favorite watchOS apps.

Have I missed including some interesting apps on this list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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