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Best Apple Watch Series 4 cases in 2019

A premium device always needs full protection. The Apple Watch Series 4 has a sleek design and edge-to-edge display, making it more cute than its predecessors. At the same time, beauty requires its protection. A protective case for Apple Watch is a must for you. To make your choice easier, we've shortened some of the best cases for Apple Watch Series 4.

For brand-conscious consumers, this list includes leading branded accessories consultants. The consumer uses cases for another purpose; Some look for strength while others want to make a style statement through herbal accessories. This is why this collection of clothes bags is plastered with various cases such as robust, thin, clear, bumper and others.

0 best cases for Apple Watch Series 4 in 2019

# 1. Spigen

  Spigen Apple Watch Series 4 Case

Spigen is one of the most popular brands in the world of smartwatch accessories. This robust wristwatch has achieved perfect design as it provides convenient access to the digital crown and side button. The long-lasting durability comes from flexible and robust TPU.

Protective design of this case is accentuated by raised edges that protect the face's face from scratches. The open cut-out building helps you charge your watch without removing the case. You can keep this case installed unless you need to wipe your watch clean.

USP: Long-term durability
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  SUPCASE Apple Watch Series 4 Rugged Case

SUPCASE has built a more robust body than Spigen has done in his case. Probably, SUPCASE has left its competitors behind in this race by launching a number of colorful robust cases. When a strong body is available in eight different colors, people will probably make a beeline for it.

This is not just a protective case; It comes with a strap for Apple Watch. The strap is strong enough to hold your watch. You can easily install the case with the snap-on design front cover.

USP: UB pro bumper
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# 3. Penom

  Penom Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Protector Case

It's clear and clean expertise! Penom has made this transparent case from TPU material. The transparency of the case highlights the entire Apple Watch. This case comes with a built-in screen protector that sticks to the clock face, without a bubble.

Penom believes in precision, and therefore the case fits exactly over the watch body. Flexible TPU helps you install and remove the case quickly.

USP: Flexible TPU
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# 4. LK

  LK Apple Watch Series 4 Bumper

LK has made a soft TPU bumper bag -material. The thin profile of this case makes it almost invisible; Even if you install the case, no one can rule out their presence. LK engineers have achieved 99% transparency on the soft TPU material, which is flexible and durable.

This case covers fully curved edges of Apple Watch to provide general protection against scratches and drops. This shock-proof case is anti-collision; This is a perfect case for your active life.

USP: 4 corners TPU screen protector
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# 5. ProCase

  ProCase Apple Watch 4 Case

ProCase brings all-in-one -designed in this robust Apple Watch protective case. Equipped with a bracelet, this innovative case ensures full body protection without losing its stylish style. ProCase has used shock-absorbing TPU to create a durable case for this premium watch.

You can't avoid accidental drops of your watch, but you can rest assured that the TPU case will always keep your watch off. This just cut case gives you complete freedom to use your clock functions and buttons. Overall, it is the most convenient and comfortable product for Apple Watch.

USP: All-in-one design
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# 6. i-Blason

  iBlason Apple Watch Series 4 TPU Case

] i-Blason is known for producing robust accessories for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. However, this case looks soft and delicate. But you should not judge their strength from their appearance. I-Blason has made the case from robust but flexible TPU, which makes the case reliable and impact resistant as well.

A remarkable feature is raised edges that raise the screen and leave the recess between the screen and the surface. This height provides protection for the watch face. Enjoy full control of the Apple Watch buttons and sensors.

USP: Elevated edges
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# 7. Catalyst

  Catalyst Apple Watch Series 4 Waterproof Case

Give Your Apple Look At The Power Of The Catalyst . This bag is strong enough to sustain damage, even if the watch falls from the height of two meters. Furthermore, the waterproof case protects your watch 330 feet below water. Its award-winning signature design guarantees complete protection.

With this case on your watch, you are always adventurous. It is IP68 waterproof tested. Go for some adventure and have fun. During your exciting journey, you get full access to all the important features and buttons of Apple Watch.

USP: 100% Waterproof
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# 8. Smiling

  Smiling Apple Watch Series 4 Clear Case

Apple Watch Series 4 weighs almost 48 grams (1.69 oz); It never weighs tons. A compatible accessory should not add this weight. The smiling case, with its weight of 0.5oz, never adds a lot to your smartwatch. The front cover of this case is only 0.3 mm; This ensures quick access to your watch face.

Smiling uses anti-scratch TPU to cover the front and curved edges of Apple Watch. Don't worry about scratches or droplets, as Smiling has brought shock-proof to the high-quality manufacturer.

USP: Ultra-slim profile
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# 9. Pzoz

  Pzoz Apple Watch Series 4 bumper

Pzoz has made a thin bag with Apple Watch screen protector. The overall sleek design of this case gives impressive aesthetics. The built-in screen protector prevents scratches and wear; At the same time, the screen film reduces fingerprints and bubbles.

The HD screen is made of PET material; You can wipe the screen protector frequently with a cloth to keep the screen crystal clear. Pzoz gives you 12 months quality guarantee so you can trust this product.

USP: Durable PC material
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# 10. MENEEA

  MENEEA Apple Watch 4 bumper bag

You can hardly feel the case is on Apple Watch. The unique design of the MENEEA's flexible case has curved edges, giving 360 degree protection to your watch. This cut case makes it possible to operate the watch efficiently with fast reach to buttons and ports.

The soft rubber material in this case makes it easy for you to install and remove your watch. When you install or remove it, your watch remains safe from any damage.

  USP: </strong> 360 degree protection <br /> Check out on Amazon </p>
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<p>  <strong> Wrapping up … </strong> </p>
<p>  Smart devices make life easier and more productive, but we need to keep these gadgets safe for a long time. Protective bags are important accessories to keep Apple Watch & # 39; aesthetics and functionality. Buy one or a few for your latest Apple Watch and live unlimited. </p>
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