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Hi, home cooks! Are you tired of averting the splash and splashing of oil splashes, accidentally charring your chicken to a sharp or bursting glasses with billowing fog while prying up the oven? Consider cooking your meals in a bamboo steamer instead! Gone are the days of moist, sagging vegetables. Steaming usually avoids fat in the cooking process, making it an easy option for healthier foods. We have found a clear favorite in Mister Kitchenware’s 10-inch 2-layer handmade bamboo steamer. Bamboo steamers are one of the oldest cooking utensils, but we are sure that each of the bamboo steamers below will appeal to the modern chef.

Best overall: Lose utensils 10-inch 2-layer handmade bamboo steamer

Mister Kitchenware 10 inch 2-step steamboat lifestyle

Source: Amazon

Whether you’re steaming or an experienced pro, this affordable Mister Kitchenware bamboo steamer is universally loved by chefs. Right out of the box, the buyer gets everything they need for a first raid for steaming. The baskets have an average depth and diameter, but the dome-shaped lid on the top layer is incredibly useful. It helps to create distance between the contents of the basket and counteracts the inevitable condensation from flooding the food.

Included chopsticks and saucers are also a nice touch. Its capacity is best to serve 2-3 people. Using liners and cleaning the steamer properly is important for proper maintenance over time. Most steamer liners consist of parchment or wax paper that is thrown away, but this steamer comes with reusable and washable net liners, a rare find.

Some steamers require additional accessories, such as metal ring adapters, to sit properly over a source of boiling water. Not this one; it has a standard size and should fit nicely over a pot with an opening of 9 inches. If you choose a ring adapter, choose one that is wider than the pot or pan, but make sure it is narrower than the steamer inside.


  • Chopsticks and saucer included
  • The dome lid counteracts condensation
  • Reusable liners reduce waste


  • Insufficient capacity for large groups
  • The basket depth is average
  • Maybe need an adapter ring

Best overall

Lose utensils 10 inch 2-layer handmade bamboo steamer

Lovely delicious

With its classic design, accessories and medium sizes, it is an easy way to get into the steam.

Most environmentally friendly: Zoie + Chloe bamboo steamer with bonus reusable cotton linings

Zoiechloe 8 inch bamboo steamer cotton lining lifestyle

Source: Amazon

Living a carbon-neutral or garbage-free life is important to many people. It is also important to ensure that the food is free of added chemicals after you have cooked it. This bamboo steamer basket from Zoie + Chloe is just the ticket; it appears to be one of the only steamships to provide reusable and washable cotton linings. As previously mentioned, wax paper liners are standard, but they tend to dissolve or melt on the wood. These cotton can be washed with the rest of the laundry and used almost indefinitely.

This steamboat is traditionally built, with only bamboo used in the construction; no metal or wires are present. It is only 1.5 inches deep, almost an inch smaller than comparable steamboats. Since it is so shallow, I recommend that you stick to low-profile foods, such as cut vegetables, gyoza and shumai, that do not stick to the lid or the level above it.


  • Minimized waste, easier cleaning
  • Cotton liners are tightly woven and do not tear
  • Sold in 8-inch and 10-inch diameters


  • Washing liners takes longer
  • Shallow basket depth
  • Food choices limited to capacity

Most environmentally friendly

Zoie + Chloe bamboo steam basket with bonus reusable cotton linings

Go green

The reusable cotton liners can be thrown right with the rest of your clothes, making cleaning up a breeze.

Most robust basket: VonShef Premium 2-layer bamboo steamer with stainless steel strap

Von Shef 2 Tier Bamboo Steamer Lifestyle

Source: Amazon

When using a steamboat, you generally do not have to worry about burning your food. It is a gentle cooking method. But how about singing the steamboat yourself? This is incredibly common, especially if there is a short distance between the steamer and the heating element you choose. While bamboo steamers are usually elastic and can be used for years with proper care, the wood itself is still prone to degradation and scorching over time.

This two-layer bamboo steamer from VonShef is reinforced with stainless steel straps, and a bottom ring prevents the wood from burning. Steamers are often used in woks, and this will be perfect for it. The straps provide long-lasting durability and maintain the shape of the steamer. The metal strip heats up, so use potholders or a towel to handle this steamer. Waxed basket liners can also adhere to the food or steamboat, as it keeps more heat due to the steel straps.


  • Steel tape protects the tree
  • Includes two pairs of chopsticks
  • Improved stability, overall service life


  • Metal can burn your hands
  • Waxed liners can stick
  • Sauce is not included

Robust basket

VonShef Premium 2-layer bamboo steamboat with stainless steel strap

Stable and solid

If you prefer to use your steamboat over a wok, the metal straps will prevent the wood from burning on contact.

Best for batch steaming: Helen’s Asian Kitchen 12-inch 2-layer bamboo steamer

Helen Chen Bamboo 12 inch steamboat lifestyle

Source: Amazon

In recent years, cooking has become more popular, and new recipes are constantly being developed to make cooking in bulk easier. What is not usually addressed is to optimize the cooking methods to help you speed up the preparation time. Most recipes end up being fried or fried, but steaming should also be considered, especially if you are preparing your meal for health reasons.

This two-phase bamboo steamer from Helens Asian Kitchen makes prep day easy. It has a good capacity to cook and collect a whole week’s worth of vegetables, grains and proteins for one person. Vegetables stay sharp when steamed properly, and do not become too mushy when heated later in the week. Steaming is also a quick cooking method, so you will not feel chained to your kitchen and can get started with the rest of the day. However, steaming does not tend to add any texture differences to your meals, so you may want to prepare certain ingredients differently for greater variety.


  • Large capacity and deep curves
  • Faster than other prep methods
  • Can steam different foods at the same time


  • Minor texture differences between foods
  • No metal to protect wood
  • May become heavy if packed with food

Best for Batch Steaming

Helen’s Asian Kitchen 12-inch 2-layer bamboo steamer

Shorten prep day

Spend more time outside the kitchen on prep day with this large capacity steamer.

Best gift set: Cooking Gift Set Co. Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit

Chinese Soup Dumpling Gift Kit Lifestyle

Source: Amazon

We all have one friend – a foodie who has tried everything and started experimenting at home with favorite dishes. This Xiao Long Bao set from Cooking Gift Set Co. can be the special package that a foodies kitchen lacks, and it comes with every piece of equipment that a dim sum fan might want. These dumplings are unique, though. They are filled with a hot, salty broth and encapsulated in a cushioned dough, and are an ideal comfort food for cold temperatures. The Bao dough recipe that comes with the set is surprisingly adaptable; just skip the sugar and yeast to make potstick wrappers.

The 100% bamboo steamer in this set is relatively small, with a diameter of 8.25 inches, but it fits 6-8 dumplings comfortably on each level. Recipients of this gift will also appreciate the attention of traditional tools. The double end roller is especially useful for making the dough circles as thin as possible, and the specially made spatula helps to stick in precise amounts of filling. A quick note: refined flour (ie bread flour) is best; Otherwise, the dough becomes too lumpy and sticky when fully cooked.


  • Adaptable dough recipe
  • Unique gift for chefs
  • Traditional tools ensure authentic results


  • Dough recipe is not gluten free
  • Mater 1-2 per batch
  • Only refined flour gives tender dough

Best gift set

Cooking Gift Set Co. Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit

Creative gift giving

Give this set to your favorite foodie, because life is so much better with soup bowls in, and maybe they share.

Best for a quantity: XMYZ 12-inch 3-layer three-steamboat with deep curves

Xmyz 3 tier 11 inch bamboo steamboat lifestyle

Source: Amazon

.I love to cook and it’s a beautiful way to show people you care about them, or introduce them to new dishes they will appreciate. Fortunately, it’s easy to feed an army of friends and family with XMYZ’s three-piece, foot-wide Japanese cedar. I chose to highlight the largest of their offered sizes for this very reason; It is an excellent investment.

Not all wooden steamers are made of bamboo, and by using this it will soak up the pleasant lemon scent of Cryptomeria japonica through your kitchen. As with all steamers, the taste and aroma of the tree will give your food to be more confident in the beginning and diminish over time. XMYZ offers this steamer in virtually any size or configuration that chefs may wish, and they offer the widest range of options so far. Offering a personal steamboat each guest can fill, about 7 inches in diameter is probably best, can be a fun way for them to make dinner.


  • Sold diameters are between 7-12 inches
  • Less steam escapes, tight joints
  • Two or three part models available


  • Not all sizes have three levels
  • Larger capacity, higher price
  • Made of Japanese cedar, not bamboo

Best for a crowd

XMYZ 12-inch 3-layer three-steamboat with deep curves

Feeding friends and family

Dinner parties, large families and meal stoppers will appreciate the deep curves and extra tier.

The bottom line

Steamed food is nowhere near as boring and joyless as it is perceived to be, but it is especially helpful to remember that it is not just for cooking dim sum toppings or other pan-Asian food – get creative! Season the cooking liquid as you like, and it will give extra flavor to the dishes while they steam. Dipping sauces, such as chili oil, is indispensable for adding a series of bold flavors. Mexican tamales, English sticky caramel pudding and mussels with a little throat are also traditionally steamed.

Finally, the steamer that is right for you will come to the same factors every time: capacity, diameter and construction. Remember that other types of wood than bamboo can be used to construct your steamer, which affects the taste of the food. Mister Kitchenware’s 10-inch 2-layer handmade bamboo steamer meets all the most important criteria. With washable mesh linings, chopsticks and sauce dishes, you have everything you need to test your new steamboat for the first time. If you are very worried about the burning bottom over time, you can alleviate your worries by adding an adapter ring to raise your steamer. Use the power of water steam, and steam with confidence!

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